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We are a technology-based, publicly traded company and have created the first Super App to be launched in the USA. We seek funding to bring the app to market. Yes, It’s Amazing!

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We have created the first Super App to be launched in the USA, it must be seen to be believed!    

VϋMe Overview 
VϋMe is an all-in-one messaging, broadcasting, and social media platform that’s here to disrupt the current landscape by combining the best features of major social media apps, plus a suite of value-adding services. 
Super apps essentially serve as a single portal to a wide range of virtual products and services.  The ease of having all services you may need in one platform goes beyond what the original iPhone offered and expands into a super mall of features that works across all platforms. VϋMe goes one step further by providing the first complete Crypto broadcasting channel
In the current environment, content creators, influencers, and users have to migrate and transition through unrelated providers to view and conduct different activities. That’s cumbersome in our world of immediate gratification. The VüMe “Super App” solution is designed to provide one solution, on one worldwide network. 
The majority of the funding for VϋMe will be marketing-based.  Introducing new users, attracting content producers, acquiring programming, and advancing the core platform. 

TPT Global Tech Inc. (OTCQB Symbol: TPTW) (“TPTW” or the “Company”), based in San Diego, California, is a technology-based company with divisions providing telecommunications, medical technology, and media content for domestic and international syndication as well as Smart City technology solutions.

  • Telecom Services across 10 states in the US (including SaaS Apps, 4G-5G GSMDistribution, 3D Mobile Technology, Voice & Data, Fiber & Wireless Technology,
    and Satellite Network Infrastructure);
  • Satellite Infrastructure providing End-to-End manufacturing of satellites, launching of satellites in any part of the world, and monitoring them
  • Next-Generation Media Services (including Content for SaaS, Integrated
    Social Media Platform, Mobile TV Broadcasting, and Live Mobile VOD App);
  • High-end Medical Platforms (Mobile Testing Labs, Automated Sanitation Systems, Medical Health Apps, and Medical Accessories);
  • Unified Cloud Services (App Development, Global Cloud Web Services, SaaS, and Mobile Apps) through proprietary Networks and Platforms. These platforms will enable TPTW to cost-effectively serve up specialized services and customized content (proprietary and third-party) to targeted niche audiences within the US and across global markets.
  •  Through key acquisitions, TPTW has built wholesale and retail operations in the US (Smartphone, Network, Content, and SaaS), and seeks growth opportunities to sell its Next Generation, New Media Technology products & services globally.
  • The company is also able to unify multiple services from the cloud using its Cloud Unified Business Services (CUBS) technology.

Contact Rick Eberhardt for complete details
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