Industry disruptive manual toothbrush with an integrated flosser. Additional "Best In Class" features made available upon inquiry.

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One of the most common and widespread persistent diseases today is "dental caries" (tooth decay and/or cavities) yet is one of the most preventable. Oral Genics Corporation's innovative Flossbrush is a patent protected “best and first in class” integrated, affordable manual toothbrush that promotes improved dental hygiene at all ages due to it's "best and first in class" features that makes both brushing and flossing teeth easy and convenient.  266,000,000 people purchased manual toothbrushes in 2021 in just the USA.  The ADA recommends replacing your toothbrush every 3-4 months or an average of 3.5 times/year.  Thats equivalent to 930,000,000 manual toothbrushes that were purchased in the USA in 2021.   

FlossBrush's "best and first in class" features are what makes it disruptive enough to virtually become a "new standard of care" within this recession proof dental hygiene segment.  Due to competitive reasons, these "best and first in class" features are only available upon inquiry of seriously interested investors.
Currently, we have highly credible toothbrush manufacturers, dental hygiene associations, dental industry engineering firms and distributors that we have either secured support through or partnerships with towards the introduction of the FlossBrush.

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