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Tonic Eyewear North America is offering a lifetime royalty and a 10% ownership position. No 1 Sunglass in Australia is spreading across America

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Lifetime Royalty and 10% Ownership Position
Established high end Australian sunglass company distributor expanding into North America. Infrastructure in place. Seeks funds for acquiring inventory from manufacturer. Asking for $150,000 USD.  Offering, a lifetime royalty for the number of sunglasses and/or components of sunglasses imported by the company into the United States and Canada. 
The Tonic Eyewear brand is 28 years old and is the number 1 brand of sunglasses in Australia and New Zealand. We entered North America in February 2021, since then we have assembled the infrastructure and processes needed to support the rapid deployment that we expect from our brand. Our products quality, technology, and value exceed any of the competitors' products. We have been told, by customers and representatives, that the product sells itself. And that is where we have experienced growth concerns. The industries retailers have been conditioned to expect 60-90 days net terms on all retail product placement. This practice has placed, at times, 80%-100% of our working capital in limbo. Thus, the need for your company's assistance in bridging the 90-day period that our accounts receivable department is currently experiencing. Thank You, William Shestock, President, WJS Distributing LLC.



Thank you for your interest in the investment opportunity with WJS Distributing, LLC.

Tonic Eyewear, provider of the industry’s only photochromic, polarized Japanese glass sunglasses, is an established global brand that is new to the North American market. WJS Distributing has recently acquired exclusive distribution for the brand and has prepared the brand’s launch to the most significant consumer market in the world. 

The North American fishing sunglass market is segmented by region and application and represents an annual 70M+ consumer market from the weekend fisherman to professionals. Tonic’s collection of fishing sunglasses will be able to gain market share due to our unique ability to produce a fundamental “tool” for every fishing application.  From fly fishing, trout fishing, deep sea fishing, and high stakes tournaments, Tonic has developed, and patented the ability to see more fish.  Addressing each application individually is a paradigm shift within the eyeglass industry and provides momentum for the company to outpace competition - strategically positioning Tonic in the North American market towards rapid growth. 

This summary will provide an outline of an 18-month allocation of your investment, Tonic’s progress to date, plans towards growth, and a forecast of ROI. 

WJS Distributing will report investor updates quarterly, but if you have further questions, please direct them to William Shestock via email or call directly 509-989-8500.  

Allocation of funds: 

Tonic will allocate funds from the $150,000 investment in a strategic manner to maximize opportunities projected in this forecast.  The net proceeds achieved by incorporating the investment with profits realized will continue to fund expansion at a rate consistent with Tonic’s growth curve. 

Below is a proposed timeline of investment utilization - which correlates with Tonic’s 18-month marketing, inventory and growth plans:

Month 1 - Initial investment payment of $90,200, allocation of funds, estimate

  • Debt: $34k
    Tonic Eyewear North America has only 1 debt for which it pays installments. The note is for $34,000.00

  • Inventory: $40k
    To minimize lost business due to lack of inventory, Tonic continues to identify market trends and seasonality within our product line up and plans to maintain inventory at our strategically located warehouses in the months (and seasons) ahead.

  • Marketing initiatives: $6k
    • Exhibition at consumer and trade shows
    • Retailer placement – Travel to key retailers
    • Strategic Advertising
    • Social Media Channel Buildout
    • Social Media Advertising
    • LinkedIn Lead Generation Campaigns
    • Social Media Commerce (Facebook, Instagram)
    • Press Releases
    • Marketing Automation
    • Product Content Buildout

Tonic’s summary of 1st months operations

We will pay off the note for $34K and distribute $40,000.00 of  product to Authorized Retailers.  The month 1 operating expenditures is currently $9,100.00. Sales from month 1 activity will be realized 90 Days from EOM due to industry standard net 90 policy.  1st month sales are projected at $75,166.00, returning a net profit month 1 return of $24,165.00.  Operational funds available to be allocated next month is  $46,000.00.  $12,082.50 of profits and $65,000.00 of investment funding, equaling $77,082.50 being held in reserve.

  • Investment forecasted ROI for month 1:
  1. 10% Ownership Position: $1,208.25
  2. Royalty on 500 pairs @ $1.20/pair imported into North America: $600.00                        Total ROI Month 1 = $1,808.25                                  14.47% APR ROI (Simple Interest)
  3. WJS Distributing LLC has implemented the following disbursement policy to protect the entity from unforeseen obstacles which could arise during normal business operation.   All ownership disbursement will commence on the 20th day after the close of our fiscal year.

The company also plans to implement a rapid expansion of our authorized dealer network from our relationship with Major League Fishing, as well as an exclusive partnership via the Mossy Oak Corporation. 

Over the last year Tonic has built our first Ambassador team; 55 pro/semi pro fisherman marketing our products at tournaments and special events all over the USA and Canada, who are continuously producing original content, promoting the brand, and generating sales. We plan to expand our Ambassador team later this year, and would allocate some of the investment towards this unique sales and marketing program.

Within our retail channel, we expanded our Regional Sale Manager team and plan to continue with several more “RSM’s” across the USA and Canada.  Some of the allocated funds will provide exhibitions at trade shows (such as ICAST as well as regional travel for our RSM team.  

Tonic USA is ready to implement our line of prescription sunglasses - custom Rx for the fisherman will provide a fundamental channel of sales and profitability.  Using our data from our Australian operations, combined with our team’s analysis, we’ve estimated that the Rx program will provide a significant revenue source.  We have contracted the services of a national leader in the Optical Industry to provide laboratory operations for production at a predetermined rate which will solidify profit margins from prescription sunglasses at 125%.  

In North America, 64% of the population requires corrective lenses.  This translates into a historical sales ratio of 10 to 1; 10 non-prescription glasses for every one prescription sold.  Using the scenario’s numbers, we estimate that there would be 625 pairs of prescription eyewear sold in the same timeframe. Prescription sales of 625 pairs will gross approximately $290,000.  Which will result in an additional $156,000.00 net profit to be allocated to operational funds.

Tonic forecasted income streams (Exhibit 2)

In Summary…

The principles of Tonic Eyewear North America believe that the scenarios stated above are obtainable with the right team.  We have worked hard laying the foundation for our expansion into North America.  From the level of support and guidance from our Australian headquarters team to our alignment with the international team members in New Zealand, United Kingdom, Europe, Dubai, South Africa, and Norway.  We believe we are poised to make Tonic Eyewear the number one outdoorsmen sunglasses in North America in much the same way that we have achieved number one status in Australia and New Zealand.  We thank you for letting us show you our opportunity and hope that you will consider becoming part of the team.


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