Tioga Lumber and Fence INC.

Raising $3M to expand business model into Nevada, Northern California to service existing customer and contracts

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Tioga Lumber and Fence Inc. 
We are looking to expanded into 3 market areas in 2021, Sacramento, Las Vegas, San Jose, CA  to service our customers business needs along with growing our foot print from 3 locations to 6 with projected  top line revenue of $23.5M in 2021.

Currently we have 3 Locations servicing the following markets in Modesto, Fresno, Hollister CA, 
Tioga targets 8 revenue streams in our current business Model, #1: Retail, #2: Residential, #3: Lumber Sales, #4: Fencing Sales & Installation, #5:  Decking Sales & Installation, #6: New Construction Sales & Installation, #7: Tract Homes (7000 Homes under Installation Contract, Valued at $8.5M )  #8: & ADU Installation services. 
#1: We have contracts in excess of $8.5M for Fencing sales and installation projects for Century Communities tract homes, To be installed 2020,2021,2022,2023
#2: We have contracts requests to expand into Nevada & Las Vegas to support 174 Home Depot locations with decking, arbors, fencings installation sales projected $8.5M  
#3: Top Line revenue of $6.3M, Total Top line projected revenue 2021 
#4: Current Business access Fleet $350K, Inventory $450k Total $900k  

Thank you for considering our business proposal and joining the Tioga family. 

Best Regards


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