Raising $500-750k to build a one-stop shop for customer service

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Customer service is universally deficient in timely, quality resolutions for consumers. As a result, businesses pay a steep price in wasteful operating expense, customer loss, and brand value deterioration ($62B lost annually). TimeSave is creating a mobile application that enables consumers to auto-aggregate their customer service needs (think of us as the 'Mint' of customer service). On the backend, we offer a software that is integrate-able on top of existing CRM solutions to help businesses reduce call volume and better streamline ticket inflow.

We currently have a MVP prototype ready, and are in negotiations with enterprise clients to begin beta testing. Our business model is purely on the backend, and consists of a one-time software integration fee, a monthly subscription per agent user and a commission per ticket inflow. Our team consists of two co-founders, Anurag and Ash, recent graduates at NYU Stern, and VP of Engineering Abhishek, a recent masters graduate in Computer Science and Engineering at NYU who has worked in previous Lead SAAS developer roles. 

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