Raising Money to Fund Q4 Inventory.

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E-commerce buisness with almost $7 million in revenue in three years. We have US Utility Patents protecting our product and have already successfully enforced the removal of any cop cats from Amazon. We have been approached from Costco and Crate&Barrel for retail sales. We have a 4.5 and 4.6 rating on Amazon and have just moved into Canada and soon the EU Market. We just launched V2 and have Utility Patent on this design as well. A big issue that came up for us was the first round of manufacturing was delayed by two months while working out processes and the first delivery didn't arrive until December, so we essentially missed Q4 leaving us with too much inventory. We need cash in order to put in our PO for Q4 2024 while we sell out this inventory and pay off inventory loans from last year. People love our product and many users come back to buy more accessories and as gifts for others. Looking forward to meeting an investor!

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