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A Faith Based Film That Will Launch a Series

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Film / Entertainment Seeking funding for a requested feature film.

Three Kings Studios is an independent film company based in North Carolina, and we create entertainment that is faith-centered. In 2022, we filmed a Proof-of-Concept to introduce our TV series, titled Church + Main (The plus sign represents the word "and"). We hosted a Red Carpet Premiere of Church + Main, and it was attended by over 300 people.

A network executive was in attendance that evening, and she strongly recommended that we take our Proof-of-Concept to the upcoming ICVM Film Festival/Media Conference in November of that year. When we attended the conference, the CEO of Three Kings Studios, Joshua Quincey, and I pitched our TV series to many distribution companies. Collide and BMG- Global were very excited to talk with us, and each offered to represent our film, Church + Main.

After the conference and follow-up meetings with both companies, we decided to work with Bridgestone Multimedia Group (BMG-Global). During our meetings, BMG-Global expressed their excitement over the TV series and the storyline (which has been written for 6 seasons). To launch the TV series, and to create stronger mass exposure, we have been asked to make a full feature film (for multiscreen release, in selected theaters, across the United States).

We gave a resounding "Yes!" to the BMG-Global request, and we got busy. This past year has been spent writing and casting for a full feature. We brought a social media team onboard (to increase our lead's following, and to generate interest while we are in preproduction). We sought out a wonderful advisor/mentor who coached us on our budget for this feature film (never allowing ourselves to become discouraged by industry strikes). We can bring this film to the screen for $1MM. Three Kings Studios is in the process of funding for a planned 28–32-day shoot in 2024 with a Spring/2025 release.

With LOIs in place, our film has an outstanding cast to match our incredible storyline and screenplay. We are blessed to have an award-winning director and an award-winning cinematographer. Music will play a huge role in our film, and so our audience will also enjoy a fantastic soundtrack. Many familiar industry names and industry companies have committed to our film, and we would love to share with you about them, as they only add to God’s hand in all of this. Just a heads up, we are not another Hallmark-type studio (although we enjoy and admire their work). We believe everyone is excited about Church + Main because we are a bit more edgy. The film and the TV series bring a new vibe about bridging the Kingdom and culture. The situations are current and relevant. With Independent films and Faith Based topics on the rise, we know this is perfect timing for Three Kings Studios to be in production.

Our age demographic is 14 - 70. We bring a new/modern storyline to tell timeless truths. We engage the intrigued, and bring encouragement to those who want to see and know that God's messages are still being shared. As part of our film/series culture, we will have faith/film-promoting merchandise for sale on our website and additional information about where our topics and truths can be found within the Bible. Knowing that prayer within the home is being modeled less and less, one of our goals is to also have our film and each of our episodes of the series end with a prayer between characters (highlighting the message of that episode while modeling what a conversation with God looks like...prayer). 

As a company, we have a focused commitment to filming in the Carolinas. Location scouting continues around the Greater Charlotte area, in both North and South Carolina. We know the Carolinas have much of what we are looking for as the backdrop for Church + Main (both the film and series). We also have a strong commitment to supporting locals and having a positive impact wherever we happen to be filming. We know our film and TV series will do for this area what Dawson’s Creek did for Wilmington, NC, and those surrounding areas. Our commitment to having an impact in the Carolinas is extremely important to us, now and as we “grow” forward.

Josh Quincey and I have met with the North Carolina Piedmont Triad Film Commission, and the South Carolina Film Commission to share with them our plans to film. We were well received by both, and each offered great encouragement and support whenever possible. We remain in touch to keep both updated. 

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