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Raising $500K for Marketing. To build brand awareness for "SANY" Alcohol Free, Carbon Neutral, Biodegradable and Eco friendly. child safe, and GRAS Approved

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SANY is Alcohol Free, Carbon Neutral, Biodegradable and Eco friendly. It is the first sanitizer that can be used on your skin and face, and on clothing, all surfaces and food products to name a few. The product is child safe, and GRAS Approved (Generally Regarded as Safe by the FDA). Refer to Environmental Decision Memo Contact Notification 1811
This product is designed to completely disrupt the current alcohol and chemical sanitizer in the retail and Institutional markets.
 Made with electrolysis, using water and sodium chloride to produce a more effective sanitizer that is currently on the market. This product is currently manufactured at our newly constructed facility in Louisville, Kentucky.
Aside from its multiple uses its also more economical to the consumer. The average number of applications per ounce from products on the market today are 15 SANY will provide 82 applications per ounce.
Consumer Products gross margin at the retail level are generally thin. The SANY all-purpose sanitizer will generate a 65% gross margin for retailors. That gross margin opportunity along with its Eco-friendly Product appeal will get the product on the selves.   
The company currently has five retail brokers introducing the product on a national basis and expects to grow very quickly in the coming year.
The CEO’s most recent success is Alkaline88 which he grew to over $70 Million in annual revenue, in just five years.

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