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Raising funding for equity share 1M dollars

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We are Now international; we went from 25 property listings to over 22000.We are growing. Are you interested in being instrumental in our growth and development? 
The Vakay seeks funding for this start up launched 1/24/23. We are looking for an equity partner. We are trying to raise $1 Million dollars for 10% equity by straight investment, or by convertible notes broken down in 10% equity. The minimum investment is $1000. The company, The Vakay LLC recent launch has been successful however the next stage is to acquire property listings and sign-up membership. Funding will go to primarily marketing, advertising as well as operational cost to develop a depth of vacation rental properties membership contemporaneously promoting The Vakay platform to travelers.
The Vakay is a premier short term vacation rental platform. We offer membership listing of vacation rental properties from the single property owner up and to including large group listing, B and B’s, hotels and Resorts. We offer the property owners a free option to listing their property, and a unique damage protection plan. This allows the property owner peace of mind and assures that there is no hidden cost to showcase their properties through stunning photos, videos, and descriptions without the added cost. We are proud to be Playa resorts preferred agent representing Hilton, Hyatt, Wyndham, Tapestry and Sanctuary resorts in Cancun Mexico., Dominican Republic, and Jamaica.
Investors would enjoy a secure investment since the statistics prove out that over 450 million people use short term vacation rentals.  Over 45% of the purchased properties are used to generate rental income. This is a 101-billion-dollar industry that continues to guarantee growth, offer stability, and a virtually endless supply of short-term rentals along with a solid growth of investment. 
You may ask yourself "how is the money made".? We have multiple sources of income, first we do charge for membership ranging from $499 to $999 depending on the number of listings. This is charged directly to the property owner or large rental groups on a yearly basis and is auto renewable. Secondly, we charge a % of rental fee on each listing between 10 to 15% which is dependent on the membership plan. Thirdly we will offer a Damage Protection Plan (DPP) for a flat fee of $49 per traveler covering up to $1500 in damages. Fourthly we offer additional marketing services as a add on along with advertising for the local restaurants, and entertainment, auto rental, and air transportation. The game plan is lucrative since it has multiple income sources. Thank you for your time.
You can contact me for further information at (630)602-7300.
Len Chinnici CEO
833 698 2529 X 3
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