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The You Frontier is a physical creative network that transforms unused commercial space into creative, co-working, and community spaces. We use a business model similar to that of a gym, with an affordable membership granting you broad access to our space on a flexible basis. 

There is over 3 Billion square feet of vacant office space in this country, and much of it is owned by a landlord, real estate firm, or property manager of some kind. Yet typically, they are just sitting on the value of the space, letting it decay rather than opening it up to individuals. The supply for leasing commercial space outstrips the demand. But what if we opened up these spaces to people who couldn't typically afford to lease commercial space? What if there was a new business model that allowed working-class and middle-class individuals the opportunity to use this space? The You Frontier is here to make this possible, by serving as the middleman between landlords of unused commercial space, and the people who can make use of it for a variety of creative and noble purposes. 

The You Frontier has opened our first location at 25 Van Zant Street in Norwalk, CT.  We have 3,000 SF of space inside a historic industrial building that used to be the largest hat factory in North America. Our space is open for remote work, creating art, or whatever else you desire to use it for. We are hosting fun and exciting events including art classes, concerts, game nights and charity drives. Our mission is open up space to facilitate opportunities for you to make lasting relationships, pursue fulfilling work, and to have some awesome experiences. At. this moment, we are rapidly growing our staff and attracting new members. With this growth however, comes an essential need for capital. We are looking for investment in order to continue to lease / rent space, put on fun and engaging events, and hire staff to accommodate our members. 

The primary types of "members" for our space are remote works, freelancers, artists, and creators of all kinds. Our long term vision for the company is to expand beyond our current space and create a nationwide (or larger) creative network, where the main staff of The You Frontier will be tasked with marketing and promoting the work that gets done at each of out unique locations, which will be run by our "pioneers." Our pioneers will help us decorate the space and set up events / activities in the space, ensuring that each location of the You Frontier will have their own unique flavor. It is a way of building our creative network through finding existing ones, and giving them space to collaborate with others. 

We will offer investors a share of equity, to be negotiated privately, and formalized  in a contract, in return for investment in The You Frontier. Please reach out to [email protected] with any questions or comments you may have. Also please check out our website at [email protected] We hope that you wish to join us in revolutionizing the way in which we use commercial space. 

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