The Whaley Company of Cullman County

Starting a manufacturing company, (fire fighters equipment), marketable internationally. Have a patent pending and seeking funds for start-up.

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Start-up manufacturing of fire fighters equipment. Have a patent pending but seek funds to build and market product.   Customer applications include federal, state and local governments.  There are also military applications.   We're starting  with 3 models,  selling at $200,000., $250,000. $300,000. each.  My management team is yet to be determined but will be well qualified to operate the business and get the sales.  The marketing director will have established ties to the fire fighters equipment industry as will other department heads.  We will be a lean mean machine with 35 to 45 employees.  Our payroll will put over $1.25 M in the local economy  plus ALL medical paid for employees and their families + usual perks.  If I had this in production during the Australian wild fires, our order from them might well have been $10 M.   Am an 82 year old veteran and should be off fishing somewhere.      I'm the stupid jerk that gave British Petroleum the answer to solve their Gulf oil spill and they don't agree that they owe me $10 M saving them billions of dollars.   I thank you for your consideration in this matter.   Jim Whaley    

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