The Study

A coffee shop dedicated specifically to students where you can rent out study/conference rooms for quiet working areas

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A coffee shop/bakery/brunch dedicated specifically to students. Areas/rooms where you can book for conference meetings or quiet studying times with friends. Apart from the rooms, the shop would also cater to regular guests in the main section of the shop.
The Study would have a small but functional menu that would focus on local and seasonal ingredients. Semi casual style, but plating would be catered to a more fine dining look. An assortment of bakery goods and french pastries would be available, as well as fine dining plated desserts.  My take on this is all food would be very artsy and rustic. Worthy of customers feeling the need to take photos of their meals and with the hopes to post on social media platforms to help bring in more business. I would like to also give discounts to students and encourage them to be my main clientele.  I would also like to develop study/ tutor rooms on specific days that students can come and get help or ask questions for various courses. Perhaps hiring tutors from local colleges or universities in the areas to come in for a few hours a day.  My vision is to develop a high-end coffee shop that fits all the bells and whistles of a typical coffee shop, yet also acts as a library for students and encourages studying and learning.  Id like to work with the local community and help small business sell merch and help promote local businesses by partnering with their products.

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