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Raising $1.5M for a communication app & platform that will allow users to talk, text and transact without the Internet.

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Social is an upcoming communication app that will allow users to talk/text and eventually transact without the internet. There are over 4B people who lack connectivity. Social's methods will include using a hybrid of Mesh-networks that will consist of our consumer communication app and IoT devices (Using LiFi; converting light into radio waves) and ground & satellite internet to scale over large water bodies.

Connectectivty issues were severely highlighted due to COVID in case scenarios such as teachers unable to communicate with students in low-income neighborhoods to Doctors unable to carry out their prognosis in unconnected areas due to the lack therefore of an Infustrtuture. Apart from COVID, when a natural disaster hits, the first thing to go is the internet. For example, Puerto Rico has not returned back to 100% connectivity since Hurricane Maria. What I am proposing is we become the backup to the internet.

We have also made some progress as well:

1.) We have launched version 1 of the consumer app for Android about 2 months ago and have over 1000 active users.
2.) iOS was just approved after a nine-week extended review process with Apple. 3 weeks ago.
3.) Our Offline System that will allow users to send/receive offline messages is complete (need to raise investment to implement it into the overall system) (Demo from one of our former team members using a boilerplate app-
4.) Our business model made it to the quarter-finals in Pepperdine University's "Most Fundable Company".
5.) Built-in a revolutionary mechanism that allows users to import their WhatsApp convo history using a proprietary based AI Parsing tool that can reach chat histories and convert it (Demo: (Comes in very hand due to the recent "terms of service change"). We hit the market first before Telegram. Our system also imports Group Chats and Auto-Notify's all participants with a one-time SMS message. Telegram's system cannot do this apart from just importing the conversation.

Business Model:

Social is a consumer app that will allow all users to create monetized group chats. A good way to target and also acquire users. Social will take 15% of the revenues. We will then create other in-app upgrades such as E2EE Cloud Storage which will be scaled to both general users and also specialized professions such as Medical, Legal, etc.. but offering them to host the information on a HIPPA compliant server. This will take us into Phase 2 as we will systematically deploy our offline network. Once we enable parts/all of it we will roll out our API Market.

This will allow developers and companies to build applications that support their businesses and allows them to connect with the 4B unconnected. Once we deploy that, we will have a very similar API Model as Stripe/Twillio.

Our API rate will be around $0.00045 per call. Given we would now have access to a demographic which "untapped", it will encourage companies to deploy their applications on our Sandbox. Here are our projections for 4 years targets (separate from our other revenue sources) with a Year 8 target:

Year 1: $100k
Year 2: $4M
Year 3: $15m
Year 4: $45m
Year 8: $850M

As part of this phase, we will be monetizing our offline network to businesses to help them scale their internet connectivity to run parallel to our offline network. This will ensure businesses and institutions the security that if the Internet ever goes out, their systems will be still running.

The combination of our measured approaches and roadmap will ensure that company investments are high and will achieve rapid growth but with minimal debt. Our exit would be IPO.

You can access our Pitch Deck by going to

You read our Executive summary by going to


The team consists of Raakin Iqbal, CEO/Founder; Faizan Khan, our lead engineer; and Labib Jaffar, UX/UI/User experience. Faizan has worked as well as consulted with Audi, AARP, and Telemate. Labib has over 15+ years of design/U.I. experience. He is currently a senior judge for the CSS Design Awards. Lastly, you have Raakin. Who has a passion to solve complex problems. He launched his first business at 16 that helped him finance his way through Georgetown. Raakin's tech experience ranges from creating the first EDM-Bollywood streaming service (closed it down due to license complexity) to the first Nationwide COVID19 testing locator tool. When the news first broke about COVID in the U.S and during that time there was no central directory of testing locations that existed—rendering everyone helpless. After teaming up with a friend, which led to them both cofound the first U.S. nationwide testing locator. In which Google sponsored our mapping. The complex problem then was there were no concrete solutions to help the users make actionable solutions during the early days of COVID. The sited has conducted over 1M+ searches and a flood of "thank you emails" to validate the contribution and followed by a flurry of press coverage by Business Insider, theHill, New York Post, and others.

Currently, the consumer app is available for both iOS and Android. You can learn more about the current version of the app and narrative by going on https://www.thesocialapp.netr

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