THE SAVAGE WIENER! Is The Future Of Small Footprint & Flex/ Remote Restaurants. Our youthful branding is perfect for social media promotion and the development of a cult following!

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The Savage Wiener is a gourmet steak hot dog company that already sells online and plans to license and franchise small takeaway kiosk-style food stands plus food trucks and stands. A low-cost entry to the restaurant business.  We already have a pop-up restaurant/ test kitchen in a heavily trafficked area.

🌭 Elevate Your Portfolio with THE SAVAGE WIENER – A Flavor Revolution! 🚀 "Let's Restaurant Different!"

🌟 Gourmet Steak Hot Dogs, Colossal Wieners, Savage Burgers, and Opportunities Galore! 🥩🌭🍔

Ready to take your food business to new heights? Look no further! THE SAVAGE WIENER is not just about mouthwatering Gourmet Steak Hot Dogs – it's a flavor revolution that you can be a part of!

Why join THE SAVAGE WIENER family?

🚀 **Licensing Opportunities:** Bring the sizzle to your neighborhood! License our brand for food trucks, hot dog stands, and small-footprint take-away restaurants. Be the flavor champion in your community!

🥩 **Gourmet Steak Hot Dogs and More:** Indulge in the perfect blend of premium steak and bold flavors. Our Gourmet Steak Hot Dogs are a culinary experience like no other.  Our famous and provocative  "Hands Off My Savage Wiener" t-shirt is already a cult phenomenon!

🍔 **Savage Burger Coming Soon:** Brace yourself for the next level of epic bites! The Savage Burger is joining our lineup soon – get ready to add another dimension to your menu and captivate burger enthusiasts!

💼 **Equity and Buy-Out Partnerships:** We're open to bold collaborations! Become an equity partner or explore buy-out opportunities (royalties to the founder), and you could be either part of a brand that's shaking up the food industry or the controlling partner in the future of fast food! 

But we need your support to fuel this flavor revolution! Help us raise between $200,000 and $2 Million to expand our reach, introduce the Savage Burger, and create opportunities for passionate entrepreneurs and investors like you.  THE SAVAGE WIENER is the perfect social media brand combining youthful fun in the QSR space.  Think of a weekly short reality show to promote the brand.  The show would be called "The Savage Wiener" and all of the episodes would have cliffhangers.  The possibilities are endless!!!

🌟 How can you join the revolution?
- Explore licensing opportunities and bring THE SAVAGE WIENER to your community.
- Indulge in the Gourmet Steak Hot Dogs – a perfect blend of premium steak and bold flavors!
- Stay tuned for the Savage Burger – a game-changer in the world of epic bites!
- Become an equity or buy-out partner – let's build a tasteful legacy together!

Join us on this journey of flavor innovation! Together, let's make waves in the culinary landscape!

THE SAVAGE WIENER- Where Opportunities are as Bold as the Flavors! 🥩🌭🍔

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