The Place LLC on Mountain Lake

Raising 12 million dollars to secure land purchase, renovate property, and construction for beautiful a frame cabin getaway.

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Statement of Purpose
Our mission is to offer a luxurious, relaxing environment getaway from the daily grind in nature for guests to escape and disconnect in comfort with a restaurant on site for guests and locals to enjoy.

  1. In the town of Warren CT set in between New york and Boston we would like to provide an oasis to escape from the hustle and bustle, enter nature and relax in style.  The grounds that we are interested in are at 64 Mountain Lake Road in Warren CT.  151 acres of stunning land with a 16 acre pond for an escape to an east coast paradise.  Previously used as a bible camp, we would like to transform the landscape from run down buildings to a beautiful luxurious getaway.  Our all season floating cabins fit with everything you need for your relaxing escape in nature.   We are in love with the land and wish to maintain the beauty of it as well as share the experience with people who will appreciate it like we do.  The community of Warren and Litchfield county is extremely important to us.  Each guest will have the option to pre-order or order during their stay food, drinks, farm fresh vegetables, etc from local businesses who would like to be a part of our project. Orders will be fulfilled once daily to minimize traffic.  The cabins will be hooked up to onsite utilities, including water, septic and electricity as well as fit out with a bathroom, full kitchenette, Nespresso coffee, wifi, organic teas, pots and pans, cutlery, dish and glassware, etc.  There will be an onsite washer and dryer with extra towels and amenities that our guests can use as needed.  This development will not only bring in business for the community around us, but we as a business will also be supporting the locals of Warren and Litchfield county.  Our extended common cabin will be rentable for events as well as our onsite store will supply all local food and drinks for purchase during our guests stay.  Everything will be contactless with key or keycode access so our guests have the freedom to vacation the way they see fit.  All of our guests will sign a contract as they reserve their stay with a liability waiver and strict rental rules.  They will follow all noise ordinances, rules and regulations set forth by The Place LLC on Mountain Lake to ensure locals and guests are not disturbed and have a peaceful safe stay. We will also implement minimum night stays to prevent excessive daily traffic.  We would like to work closely with our neighbors to ensure everyone is happy and on board with our plans so we can all benefit from this lucrative new addition to the town of Warren CT.   
   There will be a restaurant open to the public on the property right next to the beautiful views of the 16 acre pond.  Keeping a large portion of the dining profits in house as well as bringing in diners from the surrounding areas.  We will be working with local farms to provide a real farm to table experience.  

    Warren CT is located next to so many amazing things.  The Place LLC on Mountain Lake is only 8 mins from Lake Waramaug (Connecticut Water sports boat rental) 1.7 miles from hopkins winery, 25 min Mohawk ski, 20 mins downtown Kent (shopping, hiking, dining) 20 mins from downtown Litchfield (distilleries, wineries, dining, shopping) as well as local to New Preston, Bantam Etc..  It is the perfect location for The Place LLC on Mountain Lake to thrive.  We would like approval to hold events that would be subject to an entire camp rent out to ensure we do not disturb guests. As well as there would be strict rules to abide by to keep the environment. 

  • Event space indoor outdoor modular structure
  • Events….food and wine events, weddings, family reunions, retreats (artists etc)

On site amenities and activities would include but not be limited to

  • Water activities….. kayaking, paddle boats, longboards, canoes, rowboat,  fishing, pond swimming
  • Snow shoeing, cross country skiing, ice skating 
  • Possibly a swimming pool or private pool
  • Bring in a yoga instructor for yoga by the pond
  • Outdoor fireplaces

Cabin Design Break down
 Modern A-frames and designs with large windows for a view
    Sleeps 4 - 8 Beds, bunks and sleeper sofas
    Full bath, kitchenette, table and chairs
    Basic cooking and dishware amenities
    Towels, sheets, pillows etc. 
    Seasonal decor
    Wifi, electricity, plumbing
    Ipad for ordering
    Book of local activities/events, restaurants, wineries, farms etc. 
    Keyless code entries
    Outdoor furniture (tables chairs, adirondack chairs, fire pits, etc)
  1. The Phases.
    1. Our first phase of the project is to secure the land, complete our approvals for construction, landscape the property and build 30 luxury mini cabins. We will build a water activity shed, maintenance shed, contactless store above our laundry facility, a restaurant, and indoor outdoor event space.  In our first phase we would like to get most of the main buildings up and secured so we do not disturb guests as they stay with construction happening at the same time.  We will be hiring a landscaping company, maintenance person, cleaning service and property manager/event coordinator.  
    2. Our second phase will be adding more cabins, and if we aren’t able to secure the restaurant funding in the first phase, that will go to phase 2.
  2.  Marketing for The Place LLC on Mountain Lake will begin as soon as we are approved for our project by the town of Warren CT, obtained permits and have received funding. We plan to start accepting bookings for the year following all approvals.   Our marketing strategy will include advertising on all social media platforms, Google, instagram, facebook etc, as well as with online booking sites.   Connecting and working with local businesses to help spread the word,  Putting articles in surrounding areas and bordering state papers, documenting our story and our build and actively using target marketing. Our target market ranges from 30 - 80 year olds, those who love to get away in nature but require the luxuries of comfort living and sleeping as well.  People love the outdoors, but when it comes to sleeping in them, most want a certain level of comfort.  We will be targeting this, as it is a growing market with the movement of affluence escaping the city and we feel we are jumping in at a pinnacle time with the perfect location.  We will also be marketing to corporations for team building events as well as for weddings, family reunions etc. 
  3. Why The Place LLC at Mountain Lake?  With our local competition being the Winvian 4 star hotel, 25 minutes away charging $999 - $1099 per night and Hopkins Inn only being available seasonally, with small apartment rentals running between $140 - $160 per night, we believe there is a need for the in between.  A luxury experience attainable for all seasons. Our direct competition in our price range are houses rented by airbnb.  Those will always exist, but with our stunning location amenities and luxuries offered to our guests, we are offering a different experience that people will love.  The only business in CT that is similar to our proposal is Machimoodus in Moodus CT, 67 miles away.  They are an extra 67 miles away from New Yorkers on the east side of CT and their cabins are created out of RV trailers in the woods and we are looking at luxury temporary A-frames with large beautiful windows on a large pond in gorgeous forest serenity, activity amenities and amazing local connections.   

  1. The Place LLC on Mountain Lake will be run with a contactless keycode procedure.  All guests will first sign a liability waiver to ensure that they are aware everything they do including all water activities is at their own risk.  As well as sign their rental agreement with all rules and regulations to abide by.  The day before guest arrival, they will receive their access codes to everything The Place LLC has to offer.  We will have a Cleaning service on site for check out and new guest arrivals, Landscaping, Structural Maintenance and Water Maintenance for the property.  Cameras will be installed for safety and security and will be monitored by the members of the LLC.  As guests check out, all extras they purchase will be settled in their balance and we will sanitize and set up the cabins for our next guests.
  2. The Place LLC on Mountain Lake will be owned and operated by a 4-member LLC.  Each member has very unique skills and strong value to offer.
    1.  Meagan Jones has a background in business, marketing, staff management and consumer relations.  Opening a hair salon in New Haven CT with only 3 employees in 2018.  Rebel LLC has grown by 50% since 2019 year on year, even through the pandemic.   Meagan has been a hairstylist for 20 years and has excellent customer relation, problem solving, creativity and organization skills.  
    2. Gareth Jones has worked at Unilever for 15 years as well as other corporations like Tyco and YKK.  His experience is in design and value creation.  This will prove valuable in site design, interior design.  With value creation, Gareth has  saved Unilever 20 + million euros per year in material, process efficiencies and buying negotiations. 
    3. Stephen Raccio provides all knowledge in utilities and construction, he has worked with frontier for 10 + years fixing and maintaining structures.  His connections and knowledge involved in land and construction are invaluable.  
    4. Rachel Falbo’s background is in Hospitality Management and has successfully ran the Beverage program for the Dew Drop Inn for the last 6 years. Rachel’s skill set in creation, marketing and execution of unique and high quality products has increased profits and established new customer bases which will transfer seamlessly to The Place LLC.
  3. Business insurance will cover all liabilities.  We have received our quote from the Hartford and will have coverage for up to 5 million dollars. Once the land is secured. 

  1. We are asking for a total loan of 12 million dollars to cover our upfront and operating costs for the 1st year.  We plan to be an active facility fully operating once construction is complete.  We estimate 1 full year of construction.  There are buildings that need to be removed, we will have an arborist come through and take the trees away to help our landscape flourish, test the pond and clean up the landscaping, as well as construct all aspects of our cabins and buildings to make our project functional. 

The Place LLC at Mountain Lake will be operating 30 - 60 modern cabins at between $350 - $550 per night during the week and $500 - $750 per night on the weekends.  We will have a range of cabin sizes to fit singles, couples and families.  Once overhead costs are complete and The Place LLC at Mountain Lake is fully running, you can clearly see the potential earnings will be lucrative. Running at full capacity at $350 per night for only 30 cabins, rented out for 300 days out of the year, we are looking at a gross of approximately $3,150,000.00.  This would mean each cabin would be bringing in 105,000 per year. Our potential is much greater than this, as we plan to have higher rates on the weekends, seasonal price increases, increases when events are going on in the area, as well as cabin prices will fluctuate depending on size.  As an average if we had 60 cabins, rented at $500 per night all year we would be capable of bringing in $10,000,000 gross per year.  This is just from the cabin rentals. 
   Our restaurant as well as contactless store are also projecting extra income. The store will gain 50% from retail profits and the restaurant is projecting profits of 10% after staff and supplies.  We will be working closely with local farms to bring a real local farm to table aspect to our guests.  

We estimate our yearly operating costs with 30 cabins being around 500,000 per year and 60 cabins about 1.2 million per year.  Operating procedures for this project will include cleaning services, Landscaping, maintenance contractor, salaries, utilities, etc.  See our detailed breakdown of financials, predictions, and all financial data on our spreadsheets.  

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