Raising $200K to for capital and expansion

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The Original Hot Dog Factory is a locally owned and operated restaurant in Memphis, TN, specializing in gourmet hot dogs that are paired with unique and delicious garnish combinations. With over 20 variations to choose from, our menu offers a diverse range of options to satisfy every customer's taste buds. LaChoya Thompson, Ervin Thompson and Anthony Walls are the proud owners of The Original Hot Dog Factory, with equal 35%, 35%, 30% ownership in the LLC registered in Memphis, TN. Our mission is to provide high-quality gourmet hot dogs in a lively and welcoming environment that caters to families and individuals alike. Our commitment to exceptional customer service is reflected in every aspect of our operation, and we strive to build strong relationships with our customers and the local community.


The hot dog market in Memphis, TN is currently underserved in terms of offering gourmet hot dogs with a
wide variety of toppings and garnish combinations
Existing hot dog restaurants in the Southwind area of Memphis, TN, fail to cater to the increasing demand for
unique and innovative food options, leaving customers unsatisfied
With the popularity of social media platforms such as Instagram, customers are looking for visually appealing
food options, which gourmet hot dogs can provide with their colorful and eye-catching toppings
Without a cash infusion from angel investors, The Original Hot Dog Factory of Memphis, TN may struggle to
expand its operations, improve its overall customer experience, and establish itself as a leader in the industry

Our Solution

Unique and innovative gourmet hot dogs with a wide variety
of toppings and garnish combinations
Convenient drive-thru window for customers on-the-go
Ideal location near Southwind High School, a large apartment
complex, two retail shopping centers, and several large
subdivisions, providing easy access to a large customer base
Potential for increased revenue through catering to high
school students, residents of the apartment complex, and
shoppers at nearby retail centers.
Potential for growth and expansion through cash infusion
from angel investors

Target Market

Geographic location: Memphis, TN, and surrounding areas
Average Age: 18-35
Gender: Male and Female
Family Status: Individuals, Families with Children
Income: Middle to High Income
Students: The 17,233 students at the University of Memphis
have a gender distribution of 41 percent male students and 59
percent female students ranging in age from 18-28
Locals: Residents that live near the Southwind area
Working Professionals: The lunch crowd of individuals who
work during the day within a 5-mile radius of the company's
Adventurous eaters looking for unique and innovative food
Social media enthusiasts interested in sharing visually appealing
food experiences on platforms like Instagram
Family-oriented individuals seeking a fun and welcoming
atmosphere to enjoy a meal together
Consumers looking for quality ingredients and customizable
menu options to fit their dietary needs
Locals interested in supporting and connecting with a locally
operated restaurant that values customer service and
community involvement

Business Model
Value Proposition: Our value proposition is to offer a unique and innovative hot dog menu that differentiates
us from other local hot dog restaurants. We focus on providing high-quality food and friendly customer service
that exceeds customer expectations, resulting in a loyal customer base
Revenue Streams: Our primary revenue stream is through food sales, with additional income from catering
services and merchandise sales, such as branded t-shirts and hats
Customer Segments: Our target customers include families, students, professionals, and hot dog enthusiasts of
all ages. We aim to attract a diverse customer base through our strategic location near high-traffic areas and
our social media promotions
Channels: Our channels of distribution include our restaurant location, drive-thru window, online ordering
system, and catering services. We also utilize social media platforms and email marketing to promote our brand
and attract new customers
Cost Structure: Our cost structure includes expenses related to food and beverage supplies, rent and utilities,
marketing and advertising, employee salaries and benefits, and equipment maintenance.
Key Partnerships: Our key partnerships include suppliers of high-quality food ingredients, equipment
providers, and marketing and advertising agencies
Key Activities: Our key activities include menu development and innovation, food preparation and service,
customer service, marketing and advertising, and continuous improvement of our operations
The Original Hot Dog Factory's business model is based on providing quality food and exceptional customer
service in a fun, family-oriented environment

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