The Cross and the Cantina Part One

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I have written a non-fiction self-published book for which I need to purchase a publicity package. A publicity company in New York City contacted me about listing myself/book title in the New York Times, along with other US intellectuals. I would like to be contacted asap due to their company's deadline.  The back cover of the book reads, "Do you want a humorous look at a military child's upbringing?  Did you need a side of US History in the portrait of his family?  Science meets God, but what is the mentality, the thought content, and the spirituality?  And do you want to see inside glimpses of Southern Italy, Central Mexico, as well as the US university?    He is a well-travelled author and polyglot who uniquely captures the experience of return shock with his story, showing how mentally challenged individuals overcome the obstacles of the psychiatric dialogue in the U.S."  I only need $1599, but SOON.  Other companies have offered radio interview packages with Kate Delaney, popular radio show hostess who reaches 20,000,000 listeners!  I have a Bachelor's of Arts from UCLA and UC Riverside, including credits from World College West, a private college in San Francisco.  I have attended 4 Community Colleges, including Crafton Hills College (now a four-year college), from which I received my Associate of arts.  Currently seeking local employ in Redlands and helping my 92-year old mother, a career civilian secretary in the USAF. I rent maintain in-house shop upkeep on my own apartment, socializing with mature adults at a local cafe`.  Please consider supporting the project, on the market since 2014, but not accruing sales.  A Prince Harry (The Duke of Sussex)-type read with collegiate vocabulary.  Thank you for listening.

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