A UNIQUE MULTI-PURPOSE portable cooler & cordless AC unit that keeps food & beverages chilled/warm and your immediate surroundings air conditioned

Raising up to $1.5 million in three trenches [$250K, $250K and $1 million)

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THE COBY’S IS A UNIQUE MULTI-PURPOSE portable cooler and cordless AC unit that keeps food & beverages chilled/warm and your immediate surroundings air conditioned.
Being first-to-market is one thing; doing it so no competitor can ever overtake you is quite another. But it’s happening right now because there’s nothing out there quite like me. I’m the brainchild of a dedicated team that wouldn’t rest until they delivered a 50-quart capacity, portable A/C unit, and an ice cooler rolled into one. So that’s me, the Coby's, in the pic, actually two of me (Cold only unit and Cold/hot unit). I fit neatly anywhere, and I also come in five colors. 
My founders made me environmentally friendly, rust-resistant, heavy-duty, yet lightweight. Oh yes, and I’m cordless. Charge me once, and my flexible, continuous power lasts for hours - eight to be exact. I can cool you in 100-degree heat and hold thirty-three pounds of ice simultaneously without it melting. What’s truly impressive is that I can do all that with zero freon, even with my three-speed fan going continuously. Take me on a winter trip? No problem, I’ll keep you comfortably warm and your beers cold. My wheels can take on the most rugged territory, over and over - camping excursions, beach trips, special outings - you name it. 
And I’m not skin-deep. Stainless steel hardware, plastic drain plugs, hinges, and handles under the surface support my lifetime body warranty. I give a new meaning to “take anywhere,” and you can boost me up from numerous “on the go” outlets. Finally, my price will knock the socks off customers. Interested?

A short clip of the Coby's in action...

Here’s the opportunity for you to participate via an equity/cash combination in Coby’s launch, with an investor exit projection in 2026 that’s nothing short of compelling. Our Funding requirements are $1,500,000 in three Trenches ($250K, $250K and $1 million if needed) with a detailed strategy to cover:
●      The final development phase.
●      Creating an engaging web presence
●      Setting up production facilities
●      Building a supply chain filled with inventory through various distribution channels
●      Implementing a penetrative marketing initiative. 
Please take a few minutes to review the information herein. It should answer many of your questions. But, more importantly, it’s a springboard for us to speak directly to engage in a more detailed conversation.

Also, please visit the Coby's web site and watch some of the video clips. A full investor deck with 5 years forecast is available for review as well
We look forward to talking with you soon.

Dan Longreen
[email protected] 

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