For those who care...The CareGlider® by Powerdrive Mobility

A self-propelled Mobility Innovation that reduces caregiver injuries, helps the economy, prolongs ageing-in-place, and improves QoL

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The problem
  Powered transport wheelchairs are not intended for Caregivers to drive them, and their attached motors make them too heavy to easily transport
  Their is a growing shortage of able caregivers - 40% of 53MM US Caregivers will die before the person they care for due to physical & mental stress
  Caregivers are often injured when manually transporting patients or loved ones in non-powered transport wheelchairs
  If you rely on a caregiver or your spouse for transport and they become injured (or die) your next!

The solution
  Create a caregiver focused lightweight transport wheelchair that can be separated and more easily transported in a vehicle than other devices on the market with attached motors
  Add a handgrip controller so the caregiver can effortlessly transport an often much heavier person long distances over multiple terrains without ever pushing to propel, or pulling to stop

The market   
  The US wheelchair market will reach $4B by 2028 with a rapid growth rate
  CAGR 19% ‘23-28 due to baby boomer population, neglected health habits, post COVID effects
The opportunity
  Fulfill caregiver need (market gap) with 1st gen. product for caregivers - reginal sales launch - stabilize product/supply chain/digital assets
  Rapidly expand product line to serve all segments using single interchangeable power module and simplistic/modernized wheelchair frames in 2 sizes - national sale launch
  Capture $0.5B sales revenue by 2028
  Early exit target 2-3yrs 10X + ROI

The product
  Mechanical, electrical, software engineered & documented, units built, RESNA safety tested, customer tested, units in-service, market accepted, units sold, production phase ready, fda approval pending production samples

The protection
   2 US patents issues, 9 international pending, provisional patent active, trade marked registered

The team
  Proven track record, multiple exits, ready to multiply investment . . . truly care for the cause

The raise
  1.5M - tooling/1st run/fda approval/reginal launch 
  3M - expansion/exit or continued growth     

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