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We are excited to present this business proposal to enhance and expand The Bickering Sisters restaurant situated inside Ogden-Hinckley Airport in Ogden, Utah . The restaurant has been successful, generating $177,000 in sales for 2022 and is expected to increase sales for 2023 to $250,000. Our mission is to serve good, clean, fresh and delicious food for breakfast and lunch to local business and the surrounding community. With an established reputation for in-house dining, outside catering, and delivery services, the restaurant is now seeking a $100,000 investment to increase sales by upgrading kitchen to be able handle 100+ boxed breakfast and lunch orders in a timely manner and develop a commissary to support future expansion to new locations. Additionally, with the ongoing airport expansion, there is an excellent opportunity as The Bickering Sisters is the exclusive food, sundries and gift vendor in the Ogden Airport and within one mile of the Ogden Airport. 

1. Business Overview:

The restaurant, known for its delicious, clean and fresh food during the hours of 8am - 3pm daily for breakfast and lunch. It caters to a diverse clientele, including travelers, airport personnel, and visitors. With a proven track record and steady yearly sales of $177,000 in 2022 the restaurant aims to capitalize on the airport's growth and transform The Bickering Sisters into a scalable restaurant group.

2. Services and Offerings:

a. Our Clean, Fresh, and Delicious Menu: The Bickering Sisters prides itself on serving high-quality breakfast and lunch options providing options for special dietary preferences and restrictions. While our menu is clean and fresh it is also fun! We offer delicious burger and great fries! 

b. In-House Dining: Offering a welcoming ambiance, the restaurant ensures an enjoyable experience for fro business meetings or family meals alike. We also offer a patio area where people can watch the planes takeoff as sand landing with games such as corn hole, lawn darts and chalk for family fun making it an even more enjoyable experience. 

c. Outside Catering through EZCater: Capitalizing on corporate events and private functions, we offer boxed breakfast and lunch as well as buffet experiences in-house and off-site fro corporate events, charitable functions and weddings.

d. Delivery Partnerships: By partnering with Doordash and Grubhub, the restaurant maximizes its reach, delivering food to customers within and around the airport premises.

e. Gift Shop: The restaurant's gift shop attracts customers looking for unique items made and Utah as well as basic sundries.

3. Investment Purpose:

The restaurant seeks a $100,000 investment to achieve the following objectives:

a. Dining Room Enhancement: Attain an airport lounge liquor license and add a lounge area.

b. Commissary Development: Establish a commissary to streamline operations, centralize food preparation, and ensure consistent quality for present and future locations.

c. Marketing and Advertising: Allocate funds to expand the restaurant's marketing efforts to target both existing and potential customers through the use of BlipBoards on I15.

4. Expansion Strategy:

With the airport's expansion and ongoing construction, the restaurant is poised to capitalize on the growing demand for dining options. Our expansion strategy includes the following:

a. Leverage Foot Traffic: As the airport undergoes construction, we will adapt our operations to efficiently serve customers and maintain high-quality service despite the changes.

b. Market Penetration: The enhanced dining room and marketing initiatives will attract more airport visitors, increasing revenue from in-house dining.

c. Multi-Location Expansion: Establish a commissary to support new restaurant locations within and outside the airport, taking advantage of the airport's growing popularity and extending the brand's reach.

5. Financial Projections:

Based on conservative estimates and market research, we anticipate the following financial outcomes after the $100,000 investment:

  • Year 2: $250,000 in sales revenue.
  • Year 3: $350,000 in sales revenue with new commissary and location.
  • Year 4: $500,000 in sales revenue with two additional locations.
6. Return on Investment (ROI):

The proposed investment of $100,000 will provide an ownership stake in the restaurant, entitling the investor to a percentage of the profits. The projected ROI is expected to be significant, given the expansion strategy and potential for additional locations.


The existing restaurant at the Ogden Airport offers a unique opportunity for investment. With $200,000 in yearly sales, a strong customer base, and a successful track record, the restaurant is well-positioned to enhance its operations, improve the dining experience, and scale its business to new locations. With the ongoing airport expansion providing an advantageous backdrop, this investment promises significant returns while contributing to the restaurant's growth and success.

We invite you to partner with us in this exciting venture and together, we can elevate the dining experience at the airport while capitalizing on its expansion and growth potential.

Thank you for considering this business proposal. We look forward to discussing the details and answering any questions you may have.


Karen Larrabee Owner The Bickering Sisters 

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