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Raising 300k for expansion plan with founder who has a track record of profits

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The Best Movers is my most recent brand in the household moving industry. Having been operational less than 18 months , we will have exceeded our 2022 goal of 1M (Current YTD Revenue). On current path we are projected to hit 1.4M revenue 20023 fiscal at current operation size or 1.8-1.9M with our growth plan listed out below. 

Our brand is new and people love it. We have changed the game of the moving industry, making everything easier and safer. Our late model trucks are outfitted in the box with live cameras so dispatch can always monitor the quality of the load and team. We use electronic bill of ladings unlike most movers in the country (only 5 companies in North Carolina) which is a great plus with customer service. 
Our hiring process is seamless with no person to person interaction during the hiring process until training day. We have created a secondary market with our brand called BEST Certified where we have created lengthy and highly demanded training slideshows with a test for certification of not only our movers, with an idea of maybe expanding that BEST certification out too other movers nationwide. We have a strong list of over 25 value sells of our company compared to other companies in our industry. 
We have a great SEO, PPC and guerilla marketing process running and have many processes for day to day operation in a solid operational guide. 

The founder has a proven success in the industry , with his last company receiving the Inc 5000 recognition at #322 and recognized as Entrepreneurs best places to work #209.

The founder started his first moving company in 2012, and sold in 2014 for 500k with yearly revenues at 1.5M and less than 25k in debts at time of sale.
The founder started his 2nd moving company in 2015 and sold in 2018 for 2M with revenues of 5M a year and debts of less than 100k at the time of sale. 

Founder is looking for an investment in the form of a loan or silent partner agreement with equity stake. The money will be used to payoff and consolidate a monthly loan payment of $13,000 (120k loan)(consistent payments since acquired 13 months ago) , hiring our 3rd sales person to oversee our new remote growth area and focus on procurement and government contracting. 10k will be used to lease and outfit an additional  truck for our new service area, we will spend 15k in wrapping of the current 3 trucks, 75k in founder investment cash will be owner/founder buyout (founder is in process of buying a home and needs to free up more personal cash than expected). 10-15k Will be used to build our own CRM that founder has prior experience and coding for, including a team member claim tracker and virtual survey estimator with displacement identify technology. I would like to use 20k more to pour into our SEO and PPC marketing plan, which is already strong, but the value of this investment here and in the new market of Greensboro would be very valuable. The remaining 60k will be support and cash flow for the next 4 months (slow months) as we prep and secure for strong busy season as well as solidify some no-official work we have been doing for Charlotte Housing and other state and commercial agencies. 

Current founder is not involved in the day to day operations of the business and uses a an experienced team (operations coordinator has been with him 8 years  with founder and Team Coordinator going on 18 months as well as a new hire and a sales person with 2 years commitment with founder).  Currently have 10-12 W2 Employees and 7-10 1099 labor subs. This allows founder to focus on growth plan, overseeing marketing and advertising vendors, insurance and regulatory audits, etc. 

We currently cash flow around 18k a month, Founder takes a 10k monthly salary, with loan payoffs that cash flow will rise to 30k in off season and as high as 60 during the 7 month season. 

I am seeking or interested in a loan or more interested in a silent partner with a buy in price.  We are a little over a year in and crushing it, the ROI for you initial investment comes back month 1.  Tax returns, payroll taxes and books are current with an outside accounting firm. 

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