Thaihey NOLA

Raising $1 million to expand locally and internationally, and to bring a line of bottled sauces to market under our established brand..

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Thaihey NOLA serves novel Thai cuisine in the French Quarter! We combine classic Thai flavors with Sourthern staples.  Dishes such as Green Curry Crawfish, Pumpkin Catfish Curry, Drunken Noodle with Squid Ink Pasta, and Tom Kha Ravioli with Gulf shrimp exemplify this distinct culinary approach.  

We are a mom-and-pop shop with big ambition. Founders, Orawin Yimchalam and Nathan Greene, have literally worked day and night for years to manifest Thaihey NOLA. A business needs passion and knowledge from its owners to succeed. The quality of our cuisine demonstrates these elements are present. But he drive to continue working in the face of relentless challenge might be the most important element. And we are chock-full of that. Add the right amount of creativity and you have a recipe for prosperity. 

We opened in 2020 in Baton Rouge two months before the COVID pandemic. We relocated to New Orleans in November 2021 as we identified a better market for our cuisine. Thaihey NOLA is a hit with tourists and locals.  Tourists are often happy to find something new in the French Quarter as Creole fare is a dime a dozen. We actually have a lot of tourists visiting us several times during their stay in New Orleans and come see again the next time they are in town. Locals have discovered our oasis in the French Quarter as well. Especially vegan locals. We have a full vegan menu that we have put a lot of thought into. 

Chef Orawin Yimchalam grew up in her mother's restaurant in Thailand where she learned to cook and source ingredients. After working in the service industry her whole life, she harnessed all her experience into producing the unique culinary expression that is theThaihey NOLA menu. Thaihey NOLA established itself quickly as one of the top Asian restaurants in New Orleans. 

With Thaihey NOLA in the French Quarter of New Orleans as our flagship restaurant, we are looking to expand locally and internationally.  We have ideas on expansion that would include different Thai themes for different styles of restaurants.  Fine dining. Casual dining. Street food. Even fast food! 

We are also developing a line of Thai sauces with the Thaihey brand. We have a vegan fish sauce that is ready for mass production.  We already sell it by the bottle at our restaurant. This is a specialty sauce with great market potential.  Vegans represent a growing market sector. Combine that with the popularity of Asian cuisine and it's easy to understand how well this product will do. Other sauces will follow soon.

We are looking forward to partnering with investors who are fellow foodies and who will find joy in spreading the Thaihey brand with love.

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