Texas Teen Models Official

Raising 100K to fund our creative platform development in hopes of extending our reach to as many teens a possible

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Texas Teen Models Official is a magazine created by teen model influencers to inspire the current generation to "be the change". We believe in individuality, equality, diversity, and compassion for all of mankind. Each monthly issue of TTMO magazine focuses on a social message encouraging teens to rise up and focus on improving their own communities through self awareness, hard work, kindness and service.  We are asking for $100,000 to fund our magazine production for 2020 in hopes of growing our social media and magazine platforms to reach and empower as vast an audience as possible.    We do not currently generate an income as our organization functions a a nonprofit without official 501c3 status.   Please check out our website for more info on what TTMO is all about and the positive impact we are trying to have on teens everywhere.   Our hope lies in their future.  

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