Tevetron LLC

Raising $3MM to build out Tevetron Core Wave Technology with multiple competitive Vendor Legacy Technology components and then sell the patent.

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Tevetron LLC has developed a market disruptive networking technology that obsoletes legacy routing.
Tevetron's technology is built around its critical and broad patent.

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Tevetron LLC (‘TEV’) is a Wisconsin limited liability company founded in 2013, organized in January of 2014, by
Ray Hanneman (Cognitive Clutter LLC), Thomas P. Uyehara (TPU Services LLC) and Christopher Nohl (for GP
Informatics LLC). As the seed capital partner, GP Informatics LLC provided the funding to test the theory, develop
the technology, apply for and acquire the key patent, and build out real world proving units.
In August of 2018, the format for the proving out of commercial applications of the technology was done inside a
Wisconsin limited liability company created by Chrysalis Holding Company LLC (‘CHC’) called Cubewire LLC.
Cubewire LLC, during the development and proving phase, was 100% beneficially owned by CHC. The business
model of Cubewire LLC involved distributing internet to high density residential complex apartments using the
Tevetron equipment and protocol. Recently, Cubewire LLC was merged entirely into Tevetron LLC at CHC
estimated cost and at a rate of $519.00 per unit of Tevetron LLC Class A Units (the same price as the unit rate under
the NPA). The merger happened with a trade of Tevetron units to CHC for the entire Cubewire LLC going concern.
In this way, Cubewire became an additional brand of Tevetron LLC. Cubewire itself was rebranded “Arostream” and
continues to operate and grow in parallel to the primary development of technology inside Tevetron LLC.
With Cubewire/Arostream, the 6-year development and proving-out period culminated in 2020 with the successful
simultaneous application of TEV technology in a micro-ISP format providing internet and television to 4 high density
residential complexes in Madison, Wisconsin, on a continuing basis. This was a ready real-world example of what
TEV technology can do but TEV management is resolute in its belief that the greatest value of the technology resides
in its ability to multiply bandwidth over fiberoptic connections using photonic-phase division multiplexing while
applying dynamic-photonic routing to data packet traffic. This results in a great jump in network capability while
shrinking the physical footprint, energy consumption, heat-exhaust, human labor, and time necessary to administer
data centers.
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