Ten Creek Range LLC

Raising 3 million dollars to invest into multigenerational farm, education, tourism, green energy & carbon sequestration.

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I am the 6th generation on our family farm, there are three active generations still working on our farm. We've dedicated our lives to regenerative agriculture, healing the land, protecting our waters and limiting erosion. Every acre on our farm is multipurposed with grazing livestock and incorporating cover-crops to help keep the soil covered 365 days a year. With the benefits we've seen in our lands we produced an amazing end product, high quality, nutrient dense protein. We bring beef, pork, poultry and eggs that are GMO free, steroid and antibiotic free, and pasture raised to our local community as well as larger cities around us. Since our founding in 2018 our customer base has steadily grown and with the pandemic we've seen a huge influx in customers from metropolitan areas. 3 million dollars would be spent purchasing the farm from the oldest generation, my grandparents. It would also go into ag-tourism and education including an on-site farm storefront, exhibits and activities for families and diversifying what we are able to carry in our store. We have a large south facing roof, we'd like to purchase solar panels to produce as much of our own power as possible, as well as adding a rain water collection system to our buildings for irrigation to our gardens and fruit trees. We are in a region where every family has to travel at least an hour and a half in any direction for entertainment for their families on the weekends. We know there's a huge untapped market in this area and that puts us at an advantage to re-educate the public to the ag industry as well. Our farm is placed on the edge of the Minnesota River Valley, we have breath taking views, and in an area with few venue sites and almost no campgrounds or hotels, there's an additional area for revenue. We would like to invest in tiny homes that can be moved throughout the farm to offer different views for lodgers while maintaining the "off the grid" vibe of a rural air-BnB, and add the infrastructure to host events, such as weddings, tradeshows for local businesses or farm tours for educational purposes. We are a family operation, myself, my husband, our four young daughters, my parents, and my grandparents, but we've studied with and under the best in the industry. Gabe Brown and Ray Archuleta from Kiss the Ground on Netflix are both dear family friends and have been advisors to us and our operation for a long time. My family also works with the Soil Health Academy bringing regenerative agriculture classes to farmers across the nation. Like I stated earlier, there's a huge untapped market here that traditional funding doesn't accommodate to. Please read more about our farm and our business at www.tencreekrange.com 

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