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Telemedicine platform seeks money for marketing campaign to promote launch

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TeleHealth Today is a virtual platform where people can create a profile and get access to healthcare professionals of any kind from anywhere they want on their own schedule. 

The average American is spending roughly a little more than $11,000 per year on their healthcare. That’s nearly 50% more than every other country in the world. With doctors and patients alike preferring virtual healthcare more and more, our market share is every dollar of the 3 trillion dollar industry that was or would prefer to be virtual care.  

Having no payroll and no brick-and-mortar locations to worry about, TeleHealth Today can keep our operating costs low while consistently growing in traffic and revenue. And as a software company that does not give any healthcare advice to anyone, we put the liability on the practitioners and give our patients the ability to write reviews and affect the reputation of the people they see. And doctors and patients alike our praising our delivery method and price point. 

We seek funding to grow quicker, no other reason. The more funding we get, the quicker we will be able to capture the market. The more people that know about us, the more people will fall in love with TeleHealth Today.      
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