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Bringing educators together to close the opportunity gap through an educator to educator mentoring hub and marketplace. 

Our next step is to develop a "Teacher Market Place" to rival the TeachersPayTeachers site. 

Ideally,  our plan is for TeachersMeet.com to become the biggest professional learning community for educators in the world.   We will be a mentoring, social media, marketplace, and employment hub for all those holding educational certifications.  The TAM is ridiculous! 

We're currently searching for a Venture Capital firm to move TeachersMeet.com  forward...our founder currently owns 100% and is looking to reduce his position by 40-70% to the right strategic partner.  As an educator...he would like to remain very active as an educational adviser/consultant in the development of the organization.    

Current assets:  TeachersMeet (SM) TeachersMeet.com, TeachersMeet.org, TeachersMeet.co, TeachersMeet.us, EducatorsMeet.com, EducatorsMeet.co, EducatorsMeet.org.   

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