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Raising money to build In-person connection app that allows user to connect to groups (Sports Arena's team, Supermarket, Expos) and connect, chat or message with other people there

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COMPETITIVE EDGE:  While there are many so called in-person meeting apps (Happn, Grindr, Blendr), none can compare to the reliability (zero anti-catfishing) the Lume Connect App functionality provides.  This app not only explicitly connect with public group in real time, but it also has the unique capability to message/comment in real time while connecting to individuals you meet there, without exchanging phone number or social media information seeing that the relationship is new and you just briefly met.

MARKETABILITY:  The Lume Connect App sets itself apart by being able to connect to an individual you’ve know for sure you've met in person based on verbal or non-verbal cues;  the ability to connect to a group (sports team, favorite bar/restaurant) also allows you to see live chat in real time while being able to connect with those individuals with similar interest within the live group chat.   For example, if you visit Staples Arena (Lakers vs Clippers), if your'e a fan of the Lakers like myself, you will be able to connect to that group and anyone in it.

PRODUCT:  Our connection app is unique, the first to use the live chat with individuals and groups (ex. sports team venues, expos) you can connect/check-in real time. designed for a unique quick connect and communicate, the users are always in control with profile visibility functions when using geolocation for privacy concerns (see lume connect video).  We take the privacy matter concern even further by allowing the app to only connect to public groups with the visibility function built within the app feature.  No video capability, just live chat, connecting and messeging with other visible users who have checked in to the group.

BUYER/USER PROFILE: Introverts, Networkers, Online Gamers/Shoppers, and Sports/bar/restaurant Enthusiasts will be are target customers.  Expansion markets include major sporting events, award shows and concerts so that individuals can connect who were actually there and can continue to stay connected even if they didn’t get a chance to verbally communicate but somehow connected with verbal/nonverbal cues.

INVESTOR PROFITABILITY:  The free-app download will bring substantial traction in which will explore affiliate marketing with the connections of groups (sports teams venues, expos) and individuals connecting within those groups.  In-app banners adds and individuals wanting to connect with over 25 people/groups ($.069) will account for additional revenue.  With the apps potential for people to want to connect after COVID-19, 100% return on investment is expected along with 25% equity on transactional sales with affiliates.

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