Need to raise 200K-300K for larger animal study to prepare for clinical trials of product for acute pain and cancer tumors.

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Biotech startup with new method to deliver drugs with control release. Working prototype product developed at Purdue U labs and company lab. 
One founder has participated in eight technology startups, five did IPOs, two were sold, two are multi billion companies. Two of the micro chip companies were Intel and SanDisk.
Second founder is an anesthesiologist and a biotech researcher. 
Numerous animals have proven the technology in suppressing human breast cancer tumors and control of acute pain after surgeries which can eliminate need for narcotics like opioids and morphine. Surgeons and anesthesiologist have expressed desire to use products upon completion of FDA clinicals. First market is veterinary then human cancer tumor treatment, such as prostate and human acute pain treatment.
Market for treating prostate cancer today in > $100B and acute pain is several billion. The first acute pain market that we will enter is post surgery, long term pain control which is a new market with only one supplier with last year sales of $400+M and our solution id superior.
Business plan is available upon request. 
Technology and market slide show is available on YouTube at https://youtu.be/R0EMyxkKzkU

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