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Digital Health: Equity Request for boosting our North American and international presence

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Tactile Robotics, a leader in healthcare training, delivery, and research, is thrilled to announce its Seed round of investment. With patented technologies at our core, we are poised for expansion in North America and international markets. Our investment will supercharge supply chain management, propel product growth, and turbocharge sales and marketing efforts. Notably, we have achieved remarkable milestones:
  • Over $1 million USD raised, a combination of Owner's Investment and Non-dilutive Funding/Grants
  • A portfolio of 5 filed/granted patents.
  • Safeguarding 12 valuable Trade Secrets.
  • Establishing 4 distinctive Trademarks.
  • A highly skilled team of 12 dedicated full-time staff members.
We are currently seeking $1 million USD, providing us with a 24-month runway, and projecting an impressive $120 million in sales over the next 4 years. Our cap table is clean and primed for growth. Join us on this exciting journey as we revolutionize healthcare with our cutting-edge innovations.
Products Information:
1. Healthcare Training
DenTeach Family (https://tactilerobotics.ca/products/denteach/)
PrepScanner (https://tactilerobotics.ca/products/prepscanner/)

2. Healthcare Delivery
iMotus Family (https://tactilerobotics.ca/products/imotus/)
iManus (https://tactilerobotics.ca/products/imanus/)

3. Healthcare Research
CageView Family (https://tactilerobotics.ca/products/cageview/)
Mousercise (https://tactilerobotics.ca/products/mousercise/)

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