T2 Iso-Trainer by T2 Fitness Products Inc.


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T2 Iso-Trainer...  Peloton for the Masses

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Website: www.t2isotrainer.com
Youtube Channel: www.youtube.com/t2isotrainer
Instagram: @t2isotrainer
T2 Iso-Trainer App available for download on iOS and Android

Value Proposition: The T2 Iso-Trainer is A COMPLETE GYM IN A BAG. It represents a paradigm shift in total fitness training as the most compact, portable, versatile and effective total fitness training tool ever created. 
The T2 allows users to perform unlimited exercises across limitless training methods using a single device. It features INSTANT ON-THE-FLY INTENSITY & EXERCISE CHANGES with NO BANDS, WEIGHTS, PINS OR DIALS TO CHANGE. A unprecedented capability that allows users to seamlessly flow from one exercise or training mode to the next without ever having to stop. Our patented fusion of resistance techniques allows for complete total body workouts in less than 15 minutes. It auto accommodates to the user making it ideal for ALL levels of physical fitness including physical therapy and adaptive fitness for the disabled  without the risk of injury common with free weights. It replaces without compromise: suspension trainers, free weights, resistance bands, resistance bars, weight machines, cable machines, wave trainers, battle ropes and more. 

Its versatility and portability will allow us to create a limitless online streaming subscriber platform with unlimited and extremely varied follow-along fitness training classes.

Company Background:
T2 Fitness Products Inc. was founded by industrial designer Louis Lara in January 2020 with a royalty license agreement with the inventor Steve Kushner. The T2 Kickstarter campaign was launched in March 2020 just 3 weeks before the Covid-19 lockdown. Despite production challenges created by the pandemic in both the US and China, over 500 KS orders were delivered on schedule in September 2020. During production the T2 App was designed in-house, developed in India and launched in September to coincide with KS product shipments. Users love our app! Since October 2020 we’ve been selling D2C via our website. We have over 1000 units in use with only 9 returns to date. 

Leadership Team: Louis A. Lara - CEO | Founder and wearer of all hats at T2. He has designed, developed, engineered and licensed hundreds of products over a 35 year career. He has worked with inventor Steve Kushner since the beginning to develop the T2 which has led to new shared utility and design patents. Steve advises on T2 multi-mode fitness training.

Technologies/Special Know-How: The T2 features INSTANT ON-THE-FLY INTENSITY & EXERCISE CHANGES with NO BANDS, WEIGHTS, PINS OR DIALS TO CHANGE. It uses a patented fusion of the top resistance training techniques including Isokinetics (scientifically proven more effective for building and toning muscle than free weights) elastic, isometric and suspended resistance that unleashes the greatest spectrum of on-demand training ever available in a single fitness tool. For more visit https://www.t2isotrainer.com/how-does-it-work U.S. patented with new utility and design patents recently approved and awaiting issue along with design patent registrations in China and the EU. New design patents are in process. 

Market: The fitness market is enormous and growing with COVID-19 significantly impacting home and online fitness: The addressable Global Fitness Market is >168bn: Global Health Club Industry $96.7bn, Global Home Fitness Equipment $16bn, Global Online Fitness $6bn projected to $59bn by 2027, US Physical Therapy $39.8bn, US personal trainers $10.5bn. 

Revenue models: D2C sales leveraging fitness trainers & influencers via affiliate marketing and e-com direct. D2C with a robust online subscription training program. D2B sales to gyms, physical therapy centers and personal trainers. D2B with trainers via a tiered and expansive trainer certification programs. D2C via infomercial marketing.

Competition: Within the highly saturated fitness marketplace no product currently exists that can do what the T2 has proven it is capable of. Competitor products are single function devices that include: treadmills, elliptical machines, stationary bikes, rowing and weightlifting machines, free weights, resistance bands, battle ropes and suspension trainers like TRX. 

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