Switching Battery Inc.

Raising $200K to build a new patented product called Matrix Controller

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Switching Battery is the world's most powerful AC / DC battery based on a recently granted US patent 11,398,735B2.  One of the reason AC won over DC is because DC could not be modulated and we have obtained a US patent for DC voltage modulation.  See our website for details www.switchingbattery.com

Our team consists of scientists and experts who are building a number of products based on a new patented dynamic para-series battery and solar panel connection method.  Our patented technology integrates solar and battery technology so that nearly every electron in the energy system is saved.

The applications range is wide - from reconfigurable flashlights to home solar and SEV (solar electric vehicle).  All our technologies are TRL 9 (except SEV which is TRL 6). 

We require funding to build the Matrix Controller MC 18650-4 system which is a universal charger, battery bank and MPPT inverter built into one single device.  

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Switching Battery Inc. is no longer seeking funding.