SwingZen Golf AI Training App (swingzen.com)

Raising $1.2M for final development and initial marketing push of AI training app for golf.

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What is SwingZen (Sports Zoom LLC)
SwingZen is an app-based, AI-enhanced golf training system designed to accurately track the range of motion of a golfer’s body, club, and swing dynamics from any smartphone.
No expensive doppler or sensors needed!

  • Frustration for golfers is often not knowing what is going wrong with their swing. 
  • In search of the answer, they watch video after video, trying to figure out why they cannot strike the ball accurately or consistently.
  • Ultimately, they are more confused and frustrated than ever.
  • SwingZen provides the most advanced tools at an affordable cost to the average golfer.
  • The SwingZen Analyzer app allows instant golfer feedback on the body, club, and ball motion. 
  • First-ever accurate club and ball speed with just the use of a smartphone.
  • Each golfer knows precisely what they are doing wrong and how to improve. It's a game changer for 85% of golfers that will never get an in-person pro lesson.
What the app does
  • Tracks data points on the body, club, and ball.
  • Displays static & dynamic references in video playback.
  • Accurately delivers Club and Ball Speed in addition to Launch Angle and Smash Factor, using patent-pending technology.
  • AI Pro feature breaks down the swing and delivers instruction on how to correct each swing fault.
  • Curates a Priority List Instruction Plan on how to improve your swing.
  • Delivers an Analysis Report showing where your swing is improving or needs improvement month-by-month.
  • Brings world's first AI enhanced personal online PGA Pro Instruction to the palm of your hand.
  • And much more.
Why invest
  • Innovation forward patent pending in the AI golf training industry
  • Easily scalable to a global presence
  • Highly qualified and experienced team
  • Growing market segment
  • 20% growth in 2021 alone
  • Proven market fit
  • 80M golfers globally
  • 37.5M in the US alone
  • Only 1% market penetration will achieve target revenue 
Target Market
  • Average golfer that is trying to break 100 or 90. This constitutes most golfers.
  • Target age 12-50
  • Golfers that play at least 10 times per year. 
PGA/Academic coaches
  • PGA instructors that will use our system to teach and sell lessons with the assistance of AI analyzed videos & data.
  • Academic coaches will use our system to teach their students at no cost to them.
Revenue streams
  • Free Subscription: Ad revenue
  • Monthly Subscription: $9.9 9
  • Annual Subscription: $99.99
  • Pro lessons - 15% Convenience Fee
  • Additional sports expansion 
  • SwingZen Founded
  • $300k+ in Pre-Seed 
  • AI App Dev Begins 
          Beta Testing Phase Begins
  • Machine Learning Perfects AI-Tracking and Feedback from 2k Beta Test Users
  • Beta Testing Phase Ends
2023 Summer
 Launch updated app

Year established: 2018
Industry type: Software/AI
Funding Sought: $500K - $1 M

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SwingZen Golf AI Training App (swingzen.com) is no longer seeking funding.