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Looking for long term investor to invest in thriving American Agriculture

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Every year the United States looses approximately 2 million acres of useable farmland due to urban development, and at the same time adding over 30 million more citizens to feed. With fewer farmers and ranchers each year the industry is set to profit tremendously for the next following decade and beyond.  We run a  vibrant and expanding farming operation in Eastern Colorado specializing in grain, hay, and cattle. The average farmer does not utilize double cropping practices due to lack of knowledge, ambition, and labor but that's where we exceed our competition by taking advantage of winter crops such as rye and triticale.  We're looking to expand by leasing more acres, purchasing land within the next few years, and purchasing more equipment. We have a good and dedicated small team ready to work on expanding our operation one area at a time. Corn, wheat, alfalfa, along with a variety of feed crops is what we focus on growing. Securing working capital is difficult for single family operations as it takes about leveraging all credit each year to operate and expand. The harvest (profit) is ripe for the taking! 

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