Scale existing production and expand to existing and new legal markets

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Recreational Cannabis Manufacturer - 7 years young, state-licensed, profitable artisan cannabis concentrate business seeks funding to acquire a retail store and/or grow operation and expand to larger in-state markets as legalization continues to become the norm.  
Sweet CO2 began with a simple mission, To produce pure top-quality organically derived concentrates.  CO2 is one of the cleanest methods to extract botanical oils from organic material, preserving the flavors and integrity of the oil for future use.  

With over 10 proven products and an ever-expanding number of retailers, Sweet Co2 Oil will not require new foundations to scale to new heights. The foundations of the business are solid, the management and sales teams are committed and vested in the success of this company.  

Contact us at 970 422 8600 for any detailed explanations and answers to any questions you may have.  This is a rare opportunity.  Thank you. 

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