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Raising $100K to expand into online media

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We are not your traditional bakery - we also offer cooking classes (voted one of the best in Colorado Springs!) as well as vendor opportunities for other small businesses and much more. We are tenacious, and through grit and grace have continued to succeed and are seeking further growth opportunities. 

As a bakery, we cannot make enough product - we consistently sell out of our baked goods faster than we can make them.  It took me over a decade to perfect our French macarons and they are to die for!   We need additional staffing to expand our menu and our hours of operation to better serve the community.  

As a culinary school, we cannot offer enough classes - our classes are consistently sold out with waiting lists and rave reviews.  We have been voted one of the best cooking classes in the city!  I cannot be the only one to teach the classes - we need additional quality instructors to continue to offer exceptional classes and a culinary experience for our guests.  

As a storefront, we offer other small businesses space and rent out to vendors to sell their products.  We focus on minority-owned businesses, handmade, small batch, etc - quality businesses that support the local economy.   Think of us a bakery with a gift shop that also offers workshops and cooking classes.  

As a micro-influencer, we have a following of about 15K and a reach of over 200K monthly impressions.  We are living in the online world and this is the area that we are looking to expand.  In my decade of experience, I have failed.  A lot.  But I have also learned.  When it comes to recipe creation and teaching folks to cook - that's an essential life skill.  And I feel if I can teach an eight year old how to make the most challenging baked good ever known to man (French macarons) - then the business aspects of my experience are sure to impact others as well.  I am a mom of three young girls.  I'm the wife to a firefighter.  Balancing it all is HARD.  But I have built a business that not only wins awards but is also one of the top 1% businesses on Etsy.  Our success is no accident.  I possess a grit and a fortitude that is unparalleled.  I will continue to spread my knowledge through video, social media and online courses.  My next steps just need some assistance in order to achieve them faster.  

My ultimate goal is to have my own show (think Netflix / Hulu / Food Network) that shows the chaos of running a bakery, raising three young girls with a semi-absent husband and the challenge of balancing it all.  A reality type series that is funny, heart felt and real. 

- My bad dad jokes can put all others to shame.
- Our kitchen is sometimes loud and rowdy but always fun.
- My 10 year old daughter tried to commit suicide
- My 8 year old daughter is ADHD and had to be kept back this year in school
- My 5 year old daughter was born with clubfoot and we're still treating her for it
- My marriage has gone from the brink of divorce to more rock solid than ever
- COVID sucked.  As a business, we're still reeling from its effects but are stronger now for it
- Our family's service before self upbringing is in every fiber of my being.   We pay it forward.  We try to create more good in the world. 

Our family is not normal.  My business is not normal.  I would be doing other mothers and other mompreneurs a disservice if I did not spread my wealth of knowledge with them.  

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