Swaray LLC

Raising $1MM to further application development and marketing for Swaray, a video chat-based party game and music sharing application.

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‎Swaray is a video chat-based party game and music sharing application, similar to Houseparty.  Swaray provides adults of all ages a socially distanced platform to connect via crystal clear video chat and play card and dice-based party and drinking games all while remotely listening to music together as though everyone is at a party in real life.  Swaray redefines socially distanced partying and makes it feel like everyone is together in real life.

Video chat is the centerpiece of the application with party games providing the entertainment and simultaneous, synchronized music streams to each of the users' devices forming a bridge that connects everyone socially.  Swaray provides an innovative, augmented, remote, social experience that is both required and rewarding in these days of social isolation and distancing.  Maintaining remote connections isn't new, but total global adoption and usage of video chat-based applications is the new normal.  
Maintaining personal and professional connections has been the norm for college graduates and professionals who switch jobs every 3-5 years, but maintaining them remotely is only possible through applications like Swaray where chat, games and music bring everyone together and the platform fades to the background while users deepen relationships amongst themselves and the advertisers/sponsors that serve them.  
With average usage times in excess of 2 hours per user per party, advertising impressions can be maximized across game sponsorship, card/dice sponsorship, in-app food/delivery discounts and cross promotional opportunities across all variety of entertainment providers (music, tv, film, comedy, etc.).  Highly targeted, location and age-based demographics provide both broad and niche marketing opportunities for advertisers/sponsors. 

Download the Swaray app via the link below or search for "Swaray" on the App Store.


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