Svelte Lifestyle LLC

Raising $500,000 to bring disruptive non-GMO, gluten-free, and sugar-free collagen coffee creamer to market.

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We're a supplement and apparel brand that caters to functional, CrossFit, martial arts, and endurance-based athletes. Unlike traditional supplement brands, we are focused on improving every second of an athlete's day, not just their performance in the gym. All of the supplements we sell were chosen for a unique purpose, are GMP/NSF Registered, 3rd Party Tested, and Kosher Certified, and contain clinical doses of each active ingredient.

Since our inception in May of 2020, we've managed to hit 3X YoY growth (from $50,000 in 2020 to $150,000 in 2021), and are on pace to triple revenues in 2022. We have worked diligently to custom-formulated each of the products under our offering with ownership of each formulation license, have been approved for the trademark for SVELTE under apparel and have filed for the trademark on the supplement side, and have started manufacturing a product that will undoubtedly disrupt the coffee creamer industry, which is a collagen protein coffee creamer that includes 10g protein, 2g MCT Oil Powder for healthy digestion and fat mobilization, 300mg pure L-Theanine for focus/clarity, and is topped off with Stevia and Monk Fruit for natural flavoring. It is gluten-free, sugar and aspartame-free, non-GMO, and the best part...under 50 calories. No other brand is offering this type of product in the market. 

Right now, we're generating ~$20,000/month in sales on our Shopify store, and we are seeking a $500,000 investment to expand our digital marketing efforts, manufacture the coffee creamer powder/replenish current inventory, and release our full athletic apparel line with the designers who helped to create Cuts Clothing, Alphalete Athletics, and BYLT Basics. Currently, our business model is DTC and we are primarily focused on subscription-based selling. We've also partnered with Mr. Checkout, a Shark Tank company, and plan to start pitching our product line to large distributors of major retailers this fall.  

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