Sustainable Energy & Lighting Solutions (SELSCO)

Ready to launch and scale a market-vetted renewable energy platform as soon as possible!

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Sustainable Energy & Lighting Solutions (SELSCO) is a full-service renewable energy company based in Ladson, South Carolina. A technology driven, quality-minded company with an unrelenting, customer-centric focus. Our homeownersFIRST Solar program was launched in May of this year with tremendous response. The volume was such that we had to take it back offline due to the amount of calls received. We simply did not have the personnel to handle the massive traffic that was coming in at the time. With a little rebuilding and relaunching of the platform we feel confident that we could reach revenues in excess of $30M in 2024, with margins above 35%.
SELSCO has its own installers of PV equipment and does turn-key EPC work for other sales organizations in the Carolinas. We have the experience within the industry to become a major player in the national renewable surge. The time is now! The development of this program is more easily view at

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