Raising $500000 to save the lives of truckers

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I've developed a class 8 vehicle to rid drivers of being sedentary for 18 to 20 hours per day for there career. There are 4 million plus otr truck drivers in America ive created a truck design that gives the driver options of standing partially sitting or sitting down an operating the truck why was this created im personally an 18 veteran of these highways when I started I was in high-school running back shape 18 years later I've had 3 heart attacks a stroke diabetes high blood pressure and after all these life threatening conditions of course I sought a better life style change eating habits everything but getting enough exercise which driving an otr truck gives you very little time to do but it boiled down to me slowing down driving less possibly thinking of a change of career figuring out and also doctors advice that being sedentary in my rig was causing most of my problems I mean finding another career is difficult without an college degree I make decent money driving trucks but long story short I created the SUSD when I first started to drive maybe like the first few months because you no being physically fit going to a sedentary lifestyle is a major change its like when you take the family road trip and after a few hours you have to get out stretch back hurting but sore haha well imagine doing that for 18 to 20 hours per day for 40 years no wonder the average life span of a trucker is only 61 years according to studies by the cdc so after a few years after putting deep though into how I could get this done in 2013 figured I should get a patent applied for the patent and received it in December 2015 its now 2020 im still driving truck because trucking is so demanding of all of your attention I kept putting of seeking funding or the proper way to do it or because I don't have a degree in business left me shaking a little but im thru that and the SUSD is needed in the industry asap being sedentary thru the career of trucking is not an healthy option but given drivers the ability to eliminate 11 of those hours I think will be of great help I've contacted a great team im looking to partner with to build the first prototype there a great company been in business over 40 years from Detroit Michigan did a lotta well known projects like the Nikola 1 truck an I've seen some project from Lincoln and Ford they've done and why leave truckers out in the cold I mean they have stand up desk for people in the office sector for the very same reason create by the Dr. James Levine  so im seeking to recreate the way we drive these beast giving driving a better healthier working space within our trucks so if you could help me help us by saving the lives increasing our health maintaining our health by investing in this game changing invention SUSD is also seeking to pass legislation in the very near future making it mandatory that all class 8 trucks have this feature by 2030 I think we have a very strong shot at inducing this bill so earning potentials are very great this is the game changer you been looking for lets change the way we drive trucks SUSD MOTOR COMPANY.

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