The Chambers - In God We Trust (TV SERIES) Original

Seeking 1.5M funding to complete additional episodes of Multi-Award Wining New Television Series Pilot. The Series has Created a Great Buzz in only 8-Weeks.

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Television Production Company shot a successful Pilot and sought funding for Season One's additional episodes.

“The Chambers – In God We Trust” Supreme Court Series Garners 12+ Awards, Enthusiasm of Critics and Viewers Alike.
The fictional pilot about the inner chambers of the court is slated to be the next “House of Cards” or “West Wing,” when interest in the U.S. Supreme Court is at an all-time high.
“The Chambers – In God We Trust” television series is thrilled to announce that it’s taken home more than 12+ awards to date – including Best TV Pilot and Best TV Series.
The fictional supreme court series, created and directed by Sura Khan, explores the courtroom's inner chambers. It follows the supreme court Judge H. Joseph Kimble, played by Bob Lloyd – and his staff – Fred Kramer, played by actor Anthony LeDonne. Political Advisor Matt Canley – Played By Paul Kevins; Media Relations Officer Angela backer – Played by Adre Mayer, Executive Assistant Marsha Owens – Played by Rebi Paganini and Law Clerks Carson Edelman, Eddie Hayes and Ryan Santiago played by Charles Osborne, Kevin Richard Best, and Ralphy Lopez. 

The pilot starts with the staff tackling a breaking news story that puts Judge Kimble on the cover of the early edition of the news. Kimble’s Executive assistant Marsha makes a statement while having dinner on a date with Dan, a gentleman Marsha has seen around the court. Still, she is unaware that he is a reporter for the Daily Justice Newspaper. Marsha makes a statement that puts herself and the Judge at the center of controversy in an already challenging political environment. The plot unfolds from there.

The international award-winning series winnings include, but are not limited to Best Ensemble Cast and Best Web Series/TV Pilot at the Independent Shorts Awards, Best TV Series at the Watch Out International Film Festival, Best TV Series at the Gold Star Movie Awards, Best Drama Feature at the Silver Mask Live Festival (Los Angeles), Best Web Series/TV Pilot at the Independent Short Awards, Outstanding Achievement Web Series/TV Pilot and Best Ensemble Cast at the IndieX Film Festival, Best TV Series/Pilot at the Eastern European Movie Awards, Best Web Series/TV Pilot/Screenplay at the New York Movie Awards, Honorable Mention at the Seattle Film Summit, and Special Mention at the Red Dragon Creative Awards.
“When destiny calls, you answer,” said Sura Khan, a 30-year entertainment industry vet and the creator and director of “The Chambers.” “I wanted to create a story from a place that’s never been done before – the inner chambers of the supreme court.” this is only the beginning.

Seeking funding to shoot 5-6 additional episodes before approaching broadcaster/streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Hulu for potential licensing of the series.
Looking to begin filming as soon as possible.

100% return on initial investment and a percentage share of profits per episode for season one. (18) episodes.

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