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Raising 150k to expand our Supplies Buddy Technology Business

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Supplies Buddy Inc. is at the forefront of revolutionizing the housekeeping departments of hospitals through our innovative technology. Our flagship offering, a comprehensive front-line mobile app, is designed to streamline the operations of housekeeping staff, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in managing millions of dollars worth of inventory. This solution is the culmination of over 20 years of leadership and expertise in housekeeping, tailored to meet the specific needs of the healthcare sector.

Since our inception, we have made significant strides in the development and implementation of our technology. In 2022, we dedicated ourselves to developing and rigorously testing our application to ensure it meets the high standards required by healthcare institutions. By 2023, we successfully transitioned from the testing phase to full operational deployment, marking a significant milestone in our journey. Currently, Supplies Buddy Inc. is proud to serve five major hospitals, providing them with a technology solution that enhances their operational capabilities.

Our business model focuses on expanding our reach within the healthcare industry, targeting hospitals across the nation that can benefit from our technology. The core of our strategy lies in building strong relationships with our customers—hospitals looking to improve their housekeeping operations through advanced technology solutions. Our team, powered by extensive credentials in both technology and housekeeping management, is committed to delivering excellence and innovation in every aspect of our service.

The demand for our application and the positive feedback from the hospitals we serve underscore the potential for nationwide growth. To achieve this, we are seeking an investment of $150,000. These funds will be instrumental in expanding our team, with a particular focus on enhancing our sales and daily operations capabilities. This strategic investment will ensure we not only retain our current client base but also expand our services to hospitals across the country. With this support, we aim to sustain our operations and growth efforts for the next 18 months, during which we anticipate significant expansion.

Supplies Buddy Inc. operates in a unique position within the market, having no debt and achieving profitability. This financial stability, combined with our innovative approach and experienced leadership, positions us for continued success and growth. Our vision is to become the national leader in providing housekeeping technology solutions to the healthcare industry, improving efficiency and effectiveness for our clients. The requested capital of $150,000 will be a pivotal step in realizing this vision, enabling us to make significant advancements in our mission to transform housekeeping operations in hospitals nationwide.

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