SuperCloud International, Inc.

The Pioneer of Live Wireless Streaming & Live Mobile TV – (The Original Cord Cutter)

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The Pioneer of Live Wireless Streaming & Live Mobile TV – 
(The Original Cord Cutter)
(For Serious Investors ONLY) 
Amount:  $1.5 Million Dollars
SuperCloud International, Inc.   ( )   is an extreme cutting edge unified, multi-tiered data center, CDN, U-MVPD, OVD, U-WISP, 5G/I.o.T. centric & convergent digital entertainment and content delivery company with a core focus on advanced hybrid cloud-based mobile and portable multimedia solutions.

SuperCloud’s objective is to become the world’s leading provider of advanced hybrid cloud-based CC-multimedia solutions by enhancing the overall user experience on advanced 3G, 4G LTE & 5G enabled mobile Internet-connected devices and multiple device platforms.      The UMAXX™ Entertainment Brand  ( )  is proud to offer our U-IPTV streaming service, powered by SuperCloud International, to U.S. Residents which is now in Public Beta as of January 28th 2020 and will be Commercially launched to U.S. Residents in March 2021. 

Who We Are 
We are a group of technology and entertainment industry folks that simply love what we do and have built our Company with its core focus on the consumer and revolutionary consumer experiences in technology, entertainment and content enjoyment. Our team of experienced software, web developers, programmers and engineers from such companies as Apple, AT&T, Microsoft - Nokia, Dell, Sony, Warner Brothers, Motorola, Verizon and others who are the driving force of the New Streaming Revolution that is SuperCloud International, Inc. 
SuperCloud International, Inc. owns and operates an evolved private data cloud infrastructure known as Convergent Cloud Access System™ (C.C.A.S.™), which supports virtually any business vertical globally. SuperCloud International, Inc. is an enterprise solutions provider of secure data control and interactive multimedia and data ingestion, storage, and transport with its core focus on multi-tiered cloud-based data, content and I.oT., solutions. The SuperCloud International, Inc. proprietary Ultra Virtual Private Network (“U.V.P.N.”) empowers B2B initiatives delivered through the Super MaxCloud™ system and its private 3G, 4G LTE & 5G/I.o.T. enabled Converged Multimedia Cloud System to businesses and verticals of all types anywhere in the World.
Our innovative multi-tiered cloud & browser-based system delivers CC-Infused   LIVE LINEAR TV & Enhanced VOD 24/7 to ANY wireless or internet-connected mobile device.
The company allows cable companies, networks, music/radio programmers, video game publishers, live event producers, and their consumers to go beyond just simply “cutting the cord.” SuperCloud International, Inc. can stream in excess of 4,000 channels of live multi-layered linear programming simultaneously to over 100+ million simultaneously connected devices worldwide, with no fiber runs, no satellite feeds, and no spectrum confinements.


 Company Bullet Points:
1.     Pioneer / Inventor / Creator of:  Live Wireless Streaming, LIVE RealTime MobileTV, LIVE Real Time Multi-Channel MobileTV & World's First Cloud Converged Entertainment Service(First to Market)
2.     Hybrid - HyperConverged Multi-Tiered Cloud - Proprietary & Custom
3.     No Apps - Cloud & Browser Based (No APP.'s, to Download, Install, Continually Update, Eat Battery Life, Storage, No Security Breaches, No Malware & No Viruses 
4.     $500,000,000 Pre-Money Valuation 
5.     Proof of Concept in Place.  Historical Public Launches, New Launch - Niche Consumer Brands
6.     No Direct Competition 
7.     Unlimited Hyper Scalable& Converged Distribution Platforms, (Multi-Cell, RegiCell & IntelCell)
8.     Strategic Relationships include:  IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Amazon, Vubiquity, Cogent, Verizon, Level 3, Akamai, American Tower, Ubiquiti and others
9.     In 2020, the entertainment and media market in the United States is expected to be worth over 720.38 billion U.S. dollars. On a global scale, the entertainment and media market was worth 1.72 trillion U.S. dollars in 2015 and is set to rise to 2.14 trillion by 2020.
10.  Wholesale B2B - MDU-SDU, Hotels, Casinos & Resorts.
11.  World's First Bi-Directional & Omni-Directional TV Channels, Personal Channel Platform & Service
12.  Advanced 4G LTE / 5G/I.o.T., Hardware, Software & HyperCloudSolutions
Amount:  $1.5 Million Dollars
Contact Jim Devericks at:  1-424-343-7211  or  561-721-6398

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