Supercharged EVs LLC

Self Charging Electric Vehicles ends range anxiety and reliance on grid charging stations patented installed in Rivian R1T and patent pending Tesla Model 3

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Supercharged EVs LLC website building Electric Vehicles that charge them self with onboard charging systems eliminating/reducing grid charging ending range anxiety with patented system installed in Rivian R1T EV pickup truck and patent pending system installed in Tesla Model 3 enabling EV to charge while driving with 220v level 2 equivalent charge. SEE BOTH VIDEOS on website of Rivian R1T and Chevy Bolt self charging prototypes with patented technology (this patented system is ideal for charging EV semis allowing cross country driving without reliance on grid charging stations). Tesla Model 3 prototype with patent pending zero emission onboard charging system is also available for sale. Tesla and Rivian prototype self charging electric vehicles for sale and patent/patent pending available for sale or licensing rights. Looking for investor to invest in company or purchase rights to patent and patent pending technology and/or possibly outright sale of Rivian and Tesla self charging prototype EVS. Minimum investment offer that will be considered $1,000,000.00 and will consider outright sale of both prototype self charging electric vehicles and license to patent and patent pending onboard charging systems for minimum offer of $2,000,000.00 offers will be accepted for 30 days from today through 11/24/2023. Investors in the company or outright sale of company are also of interest during the next 30 days. James Mooney Founder Supercharged EVs LLC 646 757 0016. Supercharged EVs LLC is Delaware Corporation.

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