Female West Point Grad & Pro Musician raising $3M to disrupt the music industry leveraging AI + Web3.

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We are building a new music economy powered by AI + Web3. Female-founded, Artist-owned. Founding team has experience at Fortune 100 brands, deep Web3 knowledge, AI & Data Science expertise, and professional independent musician.

Our platform  simplifies monetization for musicians and their teams beyond just the music itself. Tatiana DeMaria is a seasoned Web3 entrepreneur & a successful musician herself and she wouldn't use any of the existing music focused platforms because she feels they are missing the real opportunity.

With the majority of professional artists with plenty of valuable fans & available sellable assets, still barely making minimum wage - we believe there is tons of money being left on the table. Both Web2 & Web3 existing solutions require an artist to change their native behavior. They are silo'd, inefficient, & counterintuitive. Our solution is to bring tech to the artist in an intuitive way that allows them to still be an artist and make the living they deserve.

Key Features & Benefits
  • Proprietary AI and process to quickly help artists identify their best assets, fans and campaign options
  • Frictionless onboarding for artists through our unique process, built by artists for artists. 
  • Increased exposure for artists through our specific marketing, sponsorships, and metaverse features. 
  • Exclusive Supafanatix metaverse land, concerts and venues.
  • All assets from physical to digital goods and experiences all available to fans in one place. 
  • Secure, trusted and verified experience with verified professional artists and authentication
  • Option to buy with Fiat; and automatically receive a crypto wallet set up to house your NFTs and use when ready. 
  • Royalties for creators in perpetuity every time an asset is sold in future. 
  • Automated payments and multi-wallet distribution for co-creators of any NFT drastically simplifying payment methods and compensation. 
  • More than a marketplace for fans - Rewards systems and social components gamify the platform, allow communities to engage more deeply and earn additional rewards.
Please see brief & deck here:

Founding Team - the X-factor
Tatiana DeMaria - Successful independent artist and producer with 15 years in the music business and 3+ years as a web3  KOL (@TDMCrypto) and entrepreneur helping individuals and companies move into web3. Building and running independent businesses, maintaining ownership of her rights, and charting singles on both sides of the Atlantic, Tatiana has extensive experience across the music industry and has played over 1000 shows worldwide. From writing and producing movie soundtracks, sync and licensing deals with popular TV shows, working with major labels and brands like Pepsico & 7Up she is well sought after for her unique perspective, sound, and business acumen. Having tried to buy her first bitcoin in 2012 and coming up through the fundamentals of blockchain from 2015 onwards, she minted and sold the first ever guitar solo NFT on the blockchain in 2020. Tatiana has found herself in the very unique position of being at the intersection between an in-depth music career & the fundamental utility of web3 and blockchain tech with very unique and relevant experience in both.

Dionna McPhatter - West Point grad and Div 1 athlete with 15+ years of global Fortune 10 marketing, branding, and data/insight experience at Procter & Gamble and Reckitt Benkiser plus the 10 most recent years as an entrepreneur in marketing, data & technology. After turning down a code breaking career with the CIA, Dionna made it her life’s mission to use data for good with an equal love for art, algorithms and why people do what they do. In addition to her role as CEO & Co-Founder at SUPAFANATIX, she is also a partner with the MADE Collective working at the intersection of culture, entertainment, and impact. The MADE COLLECTIVE is a team of executives and organizations across entertainment, brand marketing, content, and finance that is led by Kareem ‘Biggs’ Burke, co-founder of Roc-a-Fella Records and Dustin White, experienced business owner and entrepreneur at the intersection of brand, culture & production. They came together to create a modern platform for brands to authentically participate in and amplify the impact of culture.
As a lecturer at Cornell Tech teaching entrepreneurship and data storytelling, she has also been highlighted in Entrepreneur Magazine, The Drum, Fast Company & Forbes for her accomplishments and perspectives. Dionna brings years of successful data & marketing experience helping cultural IP crack how to find and communicate more effectively with their fans and consumers.

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