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HIGH SOCIAL IMPACT MISSION: Deliver Sustainable Truly Affordable Homes To The World Faster For Less / Highly Scalable Earth Friendly New Housing Model Offering 50% Of All Profits.

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Executive Summary / Letter of Intent LOI: Seeking $4,050,911 to fund our 1st pilot development of multiple truly affordable, earth friendly home communities planned for North America.
Sunshine Network Homes, Inc is seeking $4,050,911 in funding to develop 14-homes per acre, first of many of our SUNSHINE Cottage Home Community (SCHC) pilot project targeted for Bend Oregon. We are projecting a profit of $1,294,564 per acre or a total profit of $4,530,974 for a potential 3.5 acres at same site which represents a total of 49-truly affordable cottage homes priced in the mid to upper $300,000 where the median priced home in Bend is $590,000. 
Our highly scalable and spot on timing business model calls for developing hundreds to thousands of acres across North America consisting of 1–20-acre per each SCHC development. We offer 1-2-3-bedroom floor plans ranging in size from 468 sqft, 600 sqft and 1,280 sqft respectively, offered in four unique design themes. 
One can also add additional detached living space and or garages and carports as needs and budgets grow over time. 
Our business model is uniquely positioned, and differentiates itself from all other traditional, overpriced and overbuilt home builders where we specifically address the substantial pent-up, un-serviced demand for the non-existent inventory of truly affordable, earth friendly Brand-New Entry Level Homes. 

The Problem:
* May 2021: Currently 10,000,000 people are on rent, mortgage forbearance that will at some point come to an end and that will place a greater need for truly affordable housing. 
* Before pandemic 40% of Americans (132,401,060) can’t afford their basic housing needs. 
* Home prices are nearly double what Canadian Millennials can afford. 
* One of the main reasons many people can’t afford to buy or rent a home, and or are living on the edge, in their cars or homeless with no shelter living on the streets is because incomes have not kept pace with the overall cost of living and housing in particular. 
* U.S. housing market is missing 3.3 million homes, Freddie Mac says.
* Average house price sold in the U.S. / Q1 - 2021 is $403,600. 

The Solution
* Phase I: 2021 > Develop truly affordable “cookie cutter” homes within cookie cutter SUNSHINE Cottage Home Community (SCHC). Validate costs, capture market feedback, refine, expand and accelerate. 
* Phase II: 2021-2022 > Develop multiple 1-20 acre per SCHC to additional cities, states and countries. Phase II-B: Promote DIY how to build your own home / ADU Kit classes offered at all SCHC build sites. 
* Phase III: 2022-2023 > License partnerships with multiple vetted Residential Home Developers to expand market share, creating more jobs and expand throughout all North America including Canada. 
* Phase IV: 2023 > Pilot Franchising model as a means to control licensed Developers, the Brand and end user pricing. 

* U.S. Residential Housing Market Value $33.6 trillion. 
* Canadian Residential Housing Market Value $4.821 trillion. 
* Global Residential Housing Market Value $228 trillion. 
Our customers, end users are “baby boomers, millennials, and anyone else wishing to downsize or acquire a truly affordable, sustainable, easier to care for home where their mortgage payments and energy bills will be lower, including much lower Co2 air pollution thus providing the end user with a more earth friendly home, including much need extra cash left in their bank account at the end of each month.
Did you know? / the average size home (2,301 sqft) produces 7.5 tons of co2 air pollution per year which amounts to 2.9 tons more than the typical passenger vehicle which produces 4.6 tons of co2 air pollution per year. 
(*In addition, we also have the unique ability to deliver literally 250,000 to 1,800,000 Complete or Shell Cottage Home Kits to the market per year through our supplier The Home Depot 2,500 store network, located throughout Mexico, U.S. and Canada and which represents our 2nd revenue model not factored into our SCHC project proforma*)
Each strategically located SCHC will serve as the means to market our Cottage Home Kits which will fuel consumption for the application as single-family homes on their individual tax lots located within a city or county which would also include the consumption for income producing ADU / accessory dwelling units. 
Regardless if this business model is in your wheelhouse or not, if your company goal is interested in making a handsome profit / great ROI then I would highly encourage your team to entertain taking a peek of what we have to offer you that is not available anywhere else. 
*We’re offering the right long term funding partner 50% of all company profits via SCHC and Cottage Home Kit sales*  
Power Point Deck and Proforma available for review upon request. 
Please see our website to learn more and to understand our mission, vision and values.  
If interested please contact us to discuss the details of our execution strategy.  
William A. Sagona 
Founder, Chairman & CEO 
Sunshine Network Homes, Inc 
Salem Oregon 

High Social Impact Mission: 
Deliver Sustainable, Truly Affordable Homes to The World Faster for Less 
A Triple Bottom Line Company: 
People 1st, planet, profits last 
Everyone deserves a home  

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