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Sunnoo is raising $4 million to complete Solar EV DC fast charger MVP with patented AI Solar tracking turret system.

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Sunnoo has developed patented AI solar tracking system that we use in our Solar EV DC fast charger.  Sunnoo’s tracking technology use a single motor to track both X&Y axis and only 16 parts making the most efficient and reliable solar tracking system on the planet.  Our EV charging system use  this tracking technology and can be dropped off and set up in 90 seconds with no grid tie in and charging EVs immediately. We are working with Sandia National Laboratories and local universities NMSU, UNM, New Mexico Tech to work on more efficient technologies to get more power from the sun and build out EV charging infrastructure. 

1.0 Executive Summary
This business plan for Sunnoo, Inc., hereafter referred to as Sunnoo, applies $10,000,000 in venture capital funds to cover projects, assets, liabilities, cash flow, profit and loss, and other balances for the first three years of business. The plan illustrates how those funds will be allocated as well as their direct causal relationship to the success of  Sunnoo over the coming years. Strategies for marketing and expansion are also explained, which also serve to demonstrate the utility of these funds.

1.1 Objectives
With the $4,000,000 of initial funding sought by Sunnoo in Q1, 2024, we would advance from prototype to manufacturing a series of finished products deliverable to customers across the country, as well as internationally. Achieving this objective of commercialization will require scaling up manufacturing facilities, purchasing additional machinery and tools, expanding the team of high level talent, hiring seven new employees, increasing our marketing budget substantially, and paying for the ongoing education/training of company personnel.  

Duties and responsibilities of the company’s operation are on the shoulders of Martin Gero, Seth McNally, and Chris Langathianos, co-owners of Sunnoo. Without capital to scale up manufacturing capabilities and hiring new employees to fulfill the many duties the three principles are currently assuming, the potential for company growth is severely limited.

The company’s base of operations is currently located in Las Cruces, New Mexico and is used for administration, design, manufacturing, and sales.  A 20,000 square foot facility will be added primarily for manufacturing. We can reevaluate our needs to manufacture at scale due to the demand created by our sales and marketing teams.

Increased marketing for Sunoo will lead to exposure to consumers, including commercial entities, as well as Federal, State and local municipalities. Commercial and Government are the two sectors that we will focus on given the degree of expense associated with implementing renewable energy technology and the pressure and incentives on the government and commercial entities to make the transition to green operations, specifically building a national infrastructure of EV charging stations. 

A continuing education for Sunnoo’s employees, as well as for Martin Gero as lead R&D engineer, is necessary to ensure that the company is as up to date as possible with current technology and policies concerning renewable energy. This awareness is the key to being able to match and/or exceed the competition in this niche market.

2.0 Company Summary
Sunnoo is founded by Martin Gero, CTO and Chief Engineer.   Martin Gero has decades of experience in sustainable technology projects from algae to fuel, manure to fuel, design and manufacturing of biodiesel production systems including operations literature. He has worked on global projects with BP's renewables division, Green Gas Partners, Global Organics, NWR Biodiesel, and nonprofits like B.U.S.S. (Biodiesel for U.S. schools).  CEO Seth McNally, and CMO Chris Langathianos bring decades of experience in operations, sales, team building, brand development, and marketing.   Industry leaders Christoph Heinzer and Daniela Mesina joined the team as advisors to help fill in knowledge gaps in the solar industry, engineering, installation, sales, permitting, project management, private equity and investor relations, government and political landscape, and overall business development.

Sunnoo is going to help move our world toward a bright future of sustainable power by providing clean energy "plug and play" power systems for commercial and government procurement, and ultimately consumer use.  We will be a major contributor to building the necessary EV charging infrastructure to propel North America into a reality where “range anxiety” is no longer the number one block for buying EVs, making them ubiquitous for the masses.  Our innovative and adaptable solar power charging units cut out permitting necessities, are 45% more efficient than other comparable products on the market (due to patented design innovations), and can be delivered quickly and operating within 90s seconds. Our efficiency innovations in our patented turret hardware and proprietary solar tracking software will make the transition to tracking the sun attractive due to a much quicker ROI for any solar installation.

4.0 Market Analysis Summary
Regarding the EV charging industry:

Commercial and government entities are the two major divisions on which Sunnoo is focused in the near future, as they offer the greatest opportunities for growth. 

Between the second quarter of 2021 and 2022, the percentage of households who owned an EV and bought another EV increased from 48% to 65.3%, US vehicle registration data shows. A recent study shows that EV’s are slowly gaining market share, with around 3% of new car sales being electric. This is a significant increase from previous years, and it is expected that the trend will continue as more and more people become aware of the benefits of electric cars.

Despite the positive tracking in US consumer opinions of EVs, now every major vehicle manufacturer has an EV line up, there is still a major hurdle. Lack of places to charge their EV has created "Range Anxiety" (fear of running out of battery), becoming the key factor in not purchasing an EV. High installation costs and permitting red tape has become a stumbling block for EV charging infrastructure in the US.  Installing grid tied EV charging stations takes anywhere from 18-24 months in places like NY and CA, mostly due to red tape around obtaining the necessary permits for site work (digging).   At many sites, tying into the grid is not even an option.       Efficiency and innovation within the EV charging sector is also an issue, as it’s been relatively stagnant and is not yet adequate to tackle this infrastructure dilemma in the US.   We find ourselves significantly behind other industrialized countries around the globe.     Solutions are needed now to support the emerging EV industry, in order to overcome range anxiety. Continued growth in the EV sector and the EV charging sector, in tandem, is needed to fuel continued growth at a meaningful pace and make EVs ubiquitous for the masses. 

Studies show that driving range and a lack of charging infrastructure are the primary reasons people do not consider EVs when buying a new vehicle, according to Christian Wardlaw’s article What is Range Anxiety with Electric Vehicles?, J.D. Power, Nov 03, 2020. Through qualitative focus groups, Sunnoo identified “range anxiety,” specifically lack of charging infrastructure, was the number one block for buying an EV.   Sheer numbers indicate a movement to an EV/eIectric system is enormous. The evidence-based look at Norway where their EV market is now 65% of the car market, with movement to 100% EV by 2025. Even with oil as their main export, they saw the writing on the wall.  Many other countries including the United States (CA, MA, ME, CT, NJ, NY, OR, RI, VT) are moving toward providing incentives for EV buyers, thus increasing the need for a significantly expanded charging infrastructure.   EV market worldwide is expected to multiply by a significant factor in 8 years (source IEA/ICCT). 

The movement is inevitable in the US, and innovative solutions to an infrastructure to charge this massive EV fleet is needed now.   The current grid-tied charging model is only part of the solution.   Not only does the red tape around installation significantly delay projects, if a grid tie is even possible at a particular site, but it is also reliant on a fossil fuel driven grid system to power the sustainable EV market.    Static solar panels would take up too much square footage of “real estate” to capture the necessary energy to adequately charge enough vehicles.   Current tracking solar solutions have not seen enough innovation in design, utilizing inefficient design that wastes too much energy to purchase and operate.   Two motor tracking hardware is antiquated and uses double the energy necessary to move a unit, and is manufactured with too many parts that can potentially fail.  Existing sun tracking software does not capture enough of the sun’s energy, not tracking from horizon to horizon.  Typical panel design does not capture enough energy.  Sun tracking is the answer, but antiquated design makes them inadequate, due to large up-front costs, and long pay off timelines.   Unreliable design adds to maintenance, thus adding to overall cost of current tracking systems.    

5.1Marketing Strategy

Internet marketing will serve the most effective means for Sunnoo to be competitive in the industry.  Email marketing, various forms of digital advertising, social media campaigns (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, ect), and the development of an easily accessible, user friendly, SEO optimized, and visually appealing website will be the cornerstones of our advertising.   Landing media hits and press for our brand, and its innovative product line will be another focus.  Team member Chris Langthianos is a brand development and marketing expert, and will direct the marketing efforts on a national scale.

Through this multi-pronged holistic marketing approach, we will convey a revolution of future technologies available today to commercial entities and Federal/state/local municipalities- all of them benefitting the average citizen and consumer. Using these various marketing platforms as conduits for delivering approachable and engaging information, we will bring a spotlight to our movement and products. This will promote the benefits of utilizing our products as a major player in building EV charging infrastructure throughout North America, the benefits of pivoting to our sun tracking systems, and create long lasting brand awareness. 

6.0 Strategy and Implementation Summary
Sunnoo’s priorities are obtaining capital in order to scale up our manufacturing infrastructure, expanding our team of talented employees and advisors so that we can increase our sales and manufacturing capabilities. We plan to aim our networking and sales focus at corporate and government entities while still maintaining a relationship with our residential demographic. Sunnoo public relations can help persuade a movement to sustainable power solutions, and how our innovative products fill the needs of expanding EV markets and energy productions and storage.

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