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Seeking $100,000 for seed money for our organization business expenses designed to support caregivers working 24/7 suffering from burnout.

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My name is Lynnel Townsend. I am a professional caregiver with over 18 years of  experience, trained through professional caregiving agencies. I created a  4 week online  training program to support caregivers throughout the country suffering from burnout. Why? Because statistics have shown that since the pandemic, caregiver burnout has become an epidemic, with life threatening affects on the caregiver. 
What makes me an authority on caregiver burnout?
To maintain my licensing, I must be in compliance with the latest information concerning caregiving. At present according to my transcript I completed 95 training modules in various fields of caregiving. These are skills the average caregiver does not have, that we use daily to care for up to 3 disabled individuals. I inculcated some of these in my training program. However, to get these invaluable tools in the hands of caregivers throughout the country, as an organization, we could use your help. Before explaining how you can help, I will explain a little more about who we are and the services we provide: 
Our Full Service Caregiving System
With the support of a dedicated team of volunteers, we have worked tirelessly for over 4 years to create a Full Service Caregiving System. The program can be used throughout the duration of an individuals illness, to support this individual and the caregiver together as a unit. One of our main features is: supplying the Main caregiver with additional caregivers we will train who will provide not respite care, a temporary sporadic solution, these will work a few days a week every week to minimize or prevent caregiver burnout!
Even though our unique program is getting attention from organizations throughout the country, there is little money and resources available to support these caregivers. This is why we are trying to secure funding through: Medicaid, Medicare, Insurance Companies…. that may pay in part or full for our services for qualified individuals. 
How you can help us support these caregivers
To provide our well needed services for caregivers throughout the country, we are asking $100,000
If this funding amount is not within your ability, your donations or support of a lesser value would be greatly appreciated.

Your funds will help us do the following:

Purchase equipment, supplies and for unexpected cost while completing our project 

Pay rent for 5 months on the apartment next to the CEO, because at present the organization is online with no physical office.

Pay the salary of myself, CEO and my staff of 5 who will work 5 months, 30 hours a week. 

As CEO, I work 60-70 hours a week, which includes a third shift job and countless volunteer hours just to keep the business going.
Yet unfortunately  my time away and lack of sleep forces my team to fill roles and responsibilities that requires my attention as CEO.
 However, these funds will allow me  to quit my 3rd shift job, concentrate on the organization, and nominate 20 individuals to go through our program for free!
To learn more about our organization, PLEASE VISIT OUR WEBSITE.
Look at our Navigate through our website video, About Us and more

The following  video will tell you more about myself, Lynnel Townsend CEO of SHS&S Org.  
Thank you in advance for your support. 


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