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Raising $500K to scale up 3DCP machine and team

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StructureBot is a Public Benefit Corporation focused on improving outcomes in the built environment.
In today’s construction environment, improving productivity and product quality are crucial.  To that end, we develop high-performance, BIM-driven, AI-enabled, robotic 3D Construction Systems.  These enable builders to produce greener, energy-efficient, resilient housing up to 70% faster and up to 30% lower costs.  Which improves builder return on assets and more. 

Our systems print cementitious materials and perform other tasks like rebar tying, joist placement, and more.  Our systems are expected to produce printed wall systems in hours and enable builders to complete a 1500 SF starter home up to 70% faster with up to 30% reduction in cost. In addition, job site waste is reduced up to 95%. According to the NAHB, a stick and brick-built 1500 SF house would generate 6000 lbs that would go to the landfill. There is a significant cost to do that.   In addition, there are other valuable points to consider about 3D concrete structures.  They are:
*  Essentially fireproof
*  Highly resistant to mold, mildew, termites, and dry rot
*  Resistant to hurricane-like winds
*  More resilient to seismic events
*  Highly energy efficient
*  Labor efficient and require fewer people
*  Used in rapid rebuilding after disastrous weather events and war

We are going after a $1.6 trillion 3D construction market (2030) and the $11 Billion (2027) construction printer tech market segment.  The UN forecasts global population will grow from 7+ billion people today to reach 10.2 billion people by 2100.   It is also forecast that 800 million to 1+ billion new homes will be needed by then.   86 million new homes are needed by 2040.   So, this is a very large market that will be even larger.   How we deal with this today determines the society we leave to those who follow.

A few facts about us:

• CEO with BS in Aerospace Engineering & MBA has 12 years in enterprise B2B sales and significant startup experience as well as construction

• Chief Innovation Officer has 18 years in new product development and construction

• MVP has proven use on a funded USMC blast wall project

• Affordable housing and ADU projects in the pipeline

We are raising $150K to $500K in our pre-seed round, which will primarily be used to scale up our self-erecting printer and add key people. 

Our business model in the US is direct sales of our 3DCP systems to end-user customers (builders & developers).   International sales will be joint ventures, licensing, partnering with major architects, and direct sales where required.

Our Go-To-Market Strategy is to build, with partners, 3 ADU's and a 1500 SF House (3 Br, 2 BA) with 400 SF ADU.  These projects will prove our technology performs as stated. These are essentially marketing proof-statements.  They will generate significant media coverage (the first 3D-printed affordable housing in the Rocky Mountains).  This coverage will generate leads from builders who are leading innovators and people who may want an ADU or 3D-printed home.  

We believe we can build a $ multi-million business over the next 5 years. 

I would be thrilled to discuss our investment opportunity with you further and explore how we could potentially work together.

If you're interested, I would be happy to send over our pitch deck and any additional information you might need. Please let me know your availability, and we can schedule a call at your earliest convenience. Thank you for considering StructureBot as a potential investment. I look forward to the possibility of collaborating with you and achieving great things together.

Best regards,

Jim Scott

Co-Founder and CEO at StructureBot PBC


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