Stratus Financial LLC

Premier Lender to U.S. student commercial pilots raising $10mm to capture market share among heightened demand for commercial pilots.

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Stratus Financial is a licensed student loan lender based in California comprised of seasoned professionals who have 40 years of experience in all facets of private lending and flight school management. Stratus solves the growing pilot shortage through providing student pilots’ access to instructional funding including flight school loans.

With over 200+ flight school partners, average borrower FICOs of 750, and 6x in applications YoY, Stratus is on its way to becoming the premier lender to student pilots in the U.S.

Through a Reg D investment fund, we provide investors with a 13% annual preferred return, net of fees, where interest payments are paid out monthly to the investors. You may call us, at (855) 301-3335, for more information.

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